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Mobile Notaries Receive Support from CertainSafe

While the job of the notary public is often an unglamorous and underappreciated one, notary publics are still a valuable commodity. One of the biggest issues faced by notary publics today is the issue of client confidentiality, which, in the 21st century, includes data storage, protection and storage. Mobile notary services, which provide visits directly to businesses or individuals, need to pay extra close attention to such areas.

Thankfully, notary publics now have an ally in the form of a recent joint venture between Express Notary Services and Signing Agent School, a leading provider of notary services and notary training, as well as CertainSafe, an international IT firm specializing in data security. Not only will this move bolster confidentiality amongst those operating through Express Notary Services, but it also meets recently proposed regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Moreover, Express Notary Services now carries the highest rank of security considering non-public personal information (NPPI) and data. Every mobile notary already operates under the Best Practices Pillars as established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).

CEO of Express Notary Services, Henry Davidson, spoke about the need for increased data protection, security and compliance. He was quoted in a recent press release as saying: "No other mobile notary company offers a comprehensive certification program that meets the CFPB requirements, while working in conjunction with a compliant and certified data security capability. Ours is a highly vulnerable industry. That vulnerability has been stamped out through our partnership with CertainSafe."

All data originating from Express Notary Services' resources and agents, including internal records and client-oriented documentation, will now be protected via CertainSafe's MicroEncrypted file sharing and message technologies. Similar in nature to their MicroTokenization offerings, CertainSafe's proprietary MicroEncrypted protocol is compatible with standards established by HIPAA, PCI, PFI and more. Finally, CertainSafe boasts a PCI Level 1 DSS Certification, putting the company ahead of the pack in the niche of file sharing, storage and protection.

Chief business officer with CertainSafe, Kent Nies, also spoke enthusiastically about the recent joint venture. He said in a recent press release: "This is an unprecedented milestone event, a true industry first. A large-scaled national network of mobile notaries will now be able to send and receive sensitive documents, including all of the communication surrounding the transaction, within a completely safe, secure and compliant environment." He went on to say: "The 'always on the go' nature of the mobile notary demands that the highest level of data security capabilities are in place regardless of where they are, what device they are using and what network they access. All these issues are resolved, protected and supported by CertainSafe, protecting not only the data in motion but the data at rest as well."

For more information regarding CertainSafe, including information on their current service offerings, interested parties can visit their website at To find out more information about Express Notary Services and Signing Agent School, one can visit their website at, where users can browse or schedule orders, receive technical support, view online resources and more.


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