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How Naturespace Uses Seagate Drives to Record and Store Audio

Naturespace Holographic Audio creates highly realistic and accurate digital recordings of various nature sounds. With apps available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows, as well as various albums on iTunes, the team of devoted audio engineers has already made a name for themselves. What most didn't know, however, is the fact that they rely on Seagate hard drives to store and process nearly all of the audio data they work with.

But these aren't simple studio recreations. Instead, the audio engineers with Naturespace actually go out into the field in order to record their samples, and they've recorded everything from insects, weather events, lakes, rivers and more. In fact, the team spends as many as 100 hours on each nature trip they take. Even then, given the sensitivity and unpredictability of their work, the team only comes back with an average of 5% usable recordings.

As one can imagine, collecting and processing raw audio files for consumer use in a digital format is task that requires efficient hardware that not only features speed, but integrity and reliability as well. This is exactly what the team at Naturespace needs, and they've found it with Seagate.

Recording nature sounds in the field presents another challenge, too. By visiting some of these remote locations, the Naturespace team sometimes has to forego Internet or mobile access. Because of this, the audio engineers aren't able to upload their files to a remote server of any sort. Instead, they have to carry all of their hardware - including external hard drives and laptop computers - into the field with them. Not only does this equipment have to perform when it is called upon, but it also has to withstand the forces of the great outdoors.

John Buehler, engineer and founder of Naturespace, described the specific need for data integrity and protection in his profession. He was quoted as saying: "Data is life. And as an engineer, I am quite focused on the fact that it’s not just sound I’m dealing with, it’s a digital bit stream that has its own requirements. If at any point during the recording session something goes wrong during data collection, then the entire session may have been for naught. I’ve had hard drive failures in the field, but I’ve never lost any data because everything we do is recorded redundantly on multiple, independent solid-state media, and immediately backed up to two different drives." He also went into some detail about the Seagate devices he uses, saying: "I only use a system with a Seagate Desktop SSHD in the studio. In the field, I have successfully used laptops installed with Seagate Laptop SSHD drives.”

As you can see, the team with Naturespace places a lot of confidence and trust into the Seagate hardware. By relying solely on Seagate drives to power their studio and field computers, they've demonstrated the reliability and efficiency that is available from Seagate today. To find out more information about Seagate's current product line, consumers can visit their website at


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