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How Nero BackItUp 2014 Provides Comprehensive Backup Solutions

While 2014 marked the inaugural release of Nero's BackItUp software, the company itself is no stranger to the data backup. Developer of one of the industry's most popular CD burning programs, the company already has almost 20 years of experience in the field. Joining their own backup expertise with online storage access and the ability to schedule automatic data backups, Nero's BackItUp 2014 was the next logical step for a company that's enjoyed a large amount of success in the IT industry thus far.

Nero's BackItUp software isn't solely for personal computers, however. Instead, Nero BackItUp 2014 makes it possible to extract and save data from a PC hard drive, an Android tablet or a smartphone. Moreover, it allows it users to access their archived data at any time through an online-based storage system.

Jurgen Kurz, CEO of Nero, spoke candidly about the state of data security and integrity within the IT industry in a recent interview. He was quoted as saying: “I find it frightening that, today, virtually all PC and mobile users painstakingly protect themselves from malware, Trojans or phishing attacks – but only about 15 percent of users regularly back up their data. 35 percent of PC users have never run a backup in the first place. With our new suite and its new usability concept, we wanted to make sure that our users never have to worry about a lost smartphone, a total hard disk failure – or a flash flood for that matter. Their data is backed up locally and online at the same time in only three steps.”

Starter Package

To sweeten the deal even more, Nero is offering a free backup starter package to all consumers. This gives users the option of testing out the service before they buy it. There are some notable features missing from the free version, however, including the ability to schedule automatic data backups. While manual backups to local drives are still an option in the free starter package, users will also be limited to 5 GB of online storage space.

Unlimited Pro Package

On the other hand, Nero's BackItUp 2014 Unlimited Pro Package, which is available at a starter price of $49.99 per year, offers fully automated backup capabilities to any local storage media - including internal / external hard drives, NAS setups and rewriteable discs - as well as an unlimited amount of online storage space. Officials at Nero have already expressed the importance of providing truly unlimited storage, and they have pledged to maintain this commitment throughout the life of the program.

Local backups can be encrypted using the AES 256 algorithm for increased data security, and the ability to initiate complete backups of up to five PCs as well as an unlimited amount of Android tablets and smartphones makes this an all-in-one backup solution for many consumer IT users. In fact, the entire contents of your Android device, including system settings, call logs, saved messages, contact information and any personal files, can all be backed up to a separate SD card, hard drive or Nero's online drive.


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