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NetApp Bolsters Cloud Archival Services With Recent Upgrades

NetApp, Inc., formerly known as Network Appliance, Inc., was originally founded in the United States in 1992. One of the leading pioneers in network storage, NetApp finally succumbed to the burst of the online bubble during the late 90s. Since then however, there profits have continued to climb. In fact, they even reached the Fortune 500 list for the company's first time in 2012. Given their ongoing success, as well as recent upgrades to their services, it's safe to say that NetApp will remain an unwavering industry presence for some time to come.

While it has taken them some time to penetrate the niche of cloud computing, NetApp recently unveiled three brand new solutions aimed at hybrid cloud IT deployments. More specifically, NetApp's newest upgrades utilize Amazon Web Services for cloud-based backup, archival and recovery. This effectively strengthens data lifecycle management by offering both onsite and remote storage. This gives organizations complete control over their data, which is essential for enterprises that have advanced IT requirements.

Their latest upgrades are delivered through NetApp's own SteelStore technology, which offers a streamlined, efficient and secure means of working with cloud-based data. In addition, NetApp's StorageGRID Webscale 10.1 offers customers a wider range of security tools, thereby reducing IT costs while simultaneously bolstering data security.

Phil Brotherton, vice president of NetApp's cloud solutions group, explained the need for NetApp's new cloud-oriented services. He was quoted as saying: "Every customer has a unique set of IT requirements when it comes to supporting business growth. To support growth, organizations want the ability to use the cloud on their terms. NetApp is investing in a data fabric architecture and framework to make hybrid IT simpler, faster and more secure. Our newest backup and archive solutions help customers take advantage of hybrid deployments to gain flexibility and reduce cost."

Another upgrade includes NetApp's OnCommand Insight 7.1, which serves as a dedicated software solution for storage resource management (SRM) within hybrid cloud environments. Cloud Manager can be used to automate certain services within NetApp itself, and Cloud ONTAP delivers even more cloud-specific functionality.

Terry Wise, vice president of the worldwide partner ecosystem with Amazon Web Services, commented on the future between NetApp and AWS. He was quoted in a recent interview as saying: "Organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to migrate data and workloads to AWS to leverage the innovation, cost savings and flexibility of AWS. These next generation storage solutions are the result of a deep collaboration between AWS and NetApp and give customers a flexible, cost-effective and easy path to migrate on-premises resources to AWS."

All of the technologies detailed in this article are expected to be made available to the public by April 2015. To find out more information about NetApp, including details on any of their software solutions or product offerings, please visit their website at Here you'll find a listing of all of NetApp's private, hybrid and hyperscale cloud platforms as well as genuine customer testimonials for sites likes Cognizant, Despegar and Virtustream / Veyance Technologies.


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