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Veritas NetBackup Finally Offered via IBM Marketplace

The experts with Veritas are no strangers to the world of data backup. With their flagship product, Veritas NetBackup, previously known as Symantec NetBackup, they've been providing cross-platform backup functionality to users of Windows, Linux, and more. However, they've been notably absent from the IBM Marketplace – until now.

Their official press release states, in part: "Veritas’ industry-leading backup and recovery solutions help organizations of all sizes manage and protect data wherever it lives— in the hybrid cloud or on-premises. Designed for the unique challenges of the enterprise, NetBackup makes it easy for organizations to migrate and protect their data throughout its cloud journey. Through this collaboration, IBM extends the reach of NetBackup through referral sales or through managed Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions on the IBM Marketplace."

According to their official website, the new partnership between Veritas NetBackup and the IBM Marketplace has many benefits, including:

- Reducing overall system complexity and streamlining activities related to backup and system administration

- Strengthening scalability to support a near-infinite capacity

- Cost-savings through flexible subscription plans and predetermined pricing

Moreover, Veritas NetBackup offers a suite of backup tools and functions, including:

- Instant access and recovery to VMware backup images and databases

- Support for different backup options, such as bare metal restoration and granular recovery

- Auto Image Replication, also known as NetBackup AIR, which provides automated replication over a network connection or to other physical devices and cloud servers

- Snapshot replication to create copies of other, off-site storage systems

- Tape vaulting that supports automatic tape ejection, tape tracking, and daily reporting generation
Barbara Spicek, vice president of Global Channels and Alliances with Veritas, spoke about the recent events by saying: "Veritas is committed to accelerating cloud adoption for organizations of all sizes. To achieve that goal, we have made it easier to migrate data to, from, and within the hybrid cloud. Our Presence in the IBM Marketplace now offers market leading, mission-critical data storage and protection solutions for IBM and Veritas existing and new clients in all customer segments globally."

She concluded her statement by saying: "Throughout our 10-year collaboration, Veritas and IBM have built data management and unified data protection solutions to help accelerate data transformation and migration, extend data protection to the cloud, and ensure availability for mission-critical applications for our customers."

Additionally, Veritas NetBackup offers a streamlined deployment process. Not only does this provide quick accessibility after first installing NetBackup, but it immediately integrates with other components – including the Veritas Resiliency Platform – to maximize uptime and ensure resiliency. It features agentless backup, further simplifying the backup process, and automatic client updates ensure that you're always working with the latest features and enhancements.

Finally, Vertias NetBackup offers a host of tools that help you plan for the future, too. This includes:

- Point-and-click operational reporting, ultimately delivering contextual reporting across a variety of metrics

- Long-term analysis to help forecast future backup storage needs, including requirements for pre- and post-deduplication

- Full integration with the Veritas Information Map, which provides a visual guide to help breakdown figures and statistics even further

To find out more information on Veritas, including details on NetBackup or any of the other services they provide, please visit their official site at To browse the IBM Marketplace, please visit their official web portal at


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