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Introducing Connected Data’s Network Storage Connector

With a current customer base of more than 40,000 users located throughout the globe, the team at Connected Data is no stranger to file governance, management, sharing and security. As such, one of their latest releases, the Network Storage Connector, is meant to introduce automated file synchronization and sharing functionality into pre-existing NAS environments. Not only does this eliminate some of the risks associated with cloud computing today, but it alleviates the pressure from enterprises that are hesitant to adopt cloud services for their own organization.

Connected Data’s Network Storage Connector is currently being shipped with their Transporter 75 and Transporter 150 cloud-based storage devices. In addition, the Network Storage Connector is also available as a firmware update for Connected Data’s current base of customers.

According to Connected Data, there are currently four key features associated with their Network Storage Connector. This includes onboard support for NetApp Data ONTAP as well as Windows Server, highly secure remote access and automatic file synchronization across multiple NAS environments, mobile file accessibility without the need for a VPN connection and on-premise control of data. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how the Network Storage Connector could be very beneficial to a company.

In addition, the Network Storage Connector is being touted as a cost effective alternative to services that are strictly cloud-based. While pricing plans vary greatly between the different Transporter versions, they are all priced according to the maximum number of users. According to estimates from Connected Data, Transporter devices are capable of paying for themselves in approximately one year. This is in stark contrast to cloud-based storage services, which require a recurring service fee.

Coincidentally, each version of the Transporter is also named according to the maximum number of users. As such, the Transporter 15 supports a maximum of 15 users, the Transporter 30 supports up to 30 users, the Transporter 75 supports as many as 75 users and the Transporter 150 is capable of supporting up to 150 users. The actual Transporter devices feature Intel Xeon processors with twin load-balancing gigabit Ethernet connections.

Tony Hampel, senior director of product marketing with Connected Data, explained the purpose of the new Network Storage Connector by saying: “Network Storage Connector provides secure mobile access for data kept behind the firewall because it connects through a path to an existing NAS or primary network storage device, and [customers] want the ability to leverage existing on-premise infrastructure because they've paid for it.”
Geoff Barrall, chief executive officer of Connected Data, delivered a prepared statement that said, in part: “IT wants control over company data, but user needs have evolved and VPNs are considered difficult and unreliable, increasing user pressure to deliver cloud-like file sharing flexibility without the VPN.”

To find out more information about Connected Data, their newly introduced Network Storage Connector, their various Transporter appliances or any of their other products and services, please visit their website at You’ll also find a number of helpful online resources, partnership information and technical support.


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