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NewCloud Now Offering Desktop-as-a-Service Functionality

Colorado-based NewCloud Networks has already enjoyed a great deal of success as a nationwide provider of cloud computing services. In an effort to increase their market exposure and provide additional services to their existing clientele, the development team with NewCloud Networks recently unveiled their plan to offer desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) functionality. The newest addition to their existing portfolio of infrastructure-as-a-service, the latest announcement enables NewCloud to offer an all-encompassing range of IT cloud computing services.

Target Audience

NewCloud Networks' brand new DaaS offering is primarily targeted toward small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 1,000 full-time staff members. However, the service isn't confined to one specific industry, as NewCloud's DaaS functionality can easily be applied to organizations within the sectors of education, healthcare, financial services and more.

Kristofor Hogaboom, vice president of sales engineering for NewCloud Networks, explained how the new DaaS option complements their current line of service offerings. He was quoted as saying: "Our Desktop-as-a-Service solution completes our Infrastructure-as-a-Service portfolio and highlights our dedication to the midmarket space. Virtualizing the desktop environment increases security for businesses. In a DaaS environment, the device connecting to the desktop is only used as a gateway for accessing business data. If the device is compromised in any way, for example by theft or damage, the data remains intact and safe in our facilities."


The new DaaS offering by NewCloud Networks can affect their clients in a number of ways. For starters, every client will be able to access their virtual desktop from any device that is capable of connecting to the Internet. Moreover, the desktop provides a streamlined, consistent interface for clients to navigate.

Secondly, DaaS completely eliminates any kind of remote connectivity issues that may have been experienced in the past. Because DaaS allows clients to take their files with them, a VPN connection is no longer a requirement.

Finally, NewCloud Networks' new DaaS offering gives their clients additional peace of mind thanks to the strengthened security protocol. As all of NewCloud's virtual desktops are designed in tandem with SOC 2 Type I certifications and HIPAA compliance, users can take solace in the fact that their data is being protected by some of the most stringent security standards in the industry.

Sam Kumar, president of NewCloud Networks, talked about the need for their newly introduced DaaS offering. He was quoted as saying: "With data generation increasing and technology constantly changing, businesses need virtualized desktop environments in order to keep up with their growth. In a DaaS environment, just as within a virtual server environment, our customers can ask us to increase resources as needed, rather than having to capacity plan for a hardware purchase and risk underutilization. It is a faster and more cost-effective solution than making a traditional desktop purchase."

About NewCloud Networks

Although the company is headquartered out of Denver, Colorado, NewCloud Networks also hosts a full-time data center based in Phoenix, AZ. In business since 1988, NewCloud has offered a comprehensive range of telecommunications and cloud computing services throughout their tenure.


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