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Nextbit Introduces Android Phone With Cloud Storage

While the majority of today’s smartphones utilize cloud technology in some way or another, a new startup company known as Nextbit is looking to redefine mobile cloud computing as we know it. Their new device, known as the Nextbit Robin, is an attempt at ensure accessibility to frequently used applications while still preserving storage space for other data. While it sounds quite complicated, the idea behind the cloud connectivity of the Nextbit Robin is really very simple.
How Does It Work?
The Nextbit Robin currently features 32 gigabytes of internal storage space. While this is on the low end of the spectrum, Robin takes advantage of cloud-based storage to archive apps that haven’t been accessed in a while. When doing so, however, it leaves the user’s personal application data on the phone itself. As such, the Nextbit Robin is constantly working to free up its own storage space. Users of the Nextbit Robin are currently allotted 100 gigabytes of cloud storage.

Pricing Information

Expected to be available in early 2016, the the developers of the Nextbit Robin are currently holding a Kickstarter campaign. Early supporters of the device can reserve one for a contribution of $299, while others will have to pay $399 for the retail release.

Who is Nextbit

Based out of San Francisco, California, Nextbit is a newly launched company and the developer of the only cloud-first smartphone on the market today. Founded by current CEO, Tom Moss and chief technology officer, Mike Chan, Nextbit hopes to carve out their own existence within a highly competitive sector.

As stated by Tom Moss, CEO of Nextbit and former head of business development and partnerships with Google, the idea for Nextbit and the Nextbit Robin came out of necessity. He was quoted as saying, in part: “We felt anxious and a little bit bored with the progress being made at the operating system level in both Android and iOS. Nothing's really changed. Yeah, UIs improved, but these are things that are not necessarily new."

Moss continued his interview by addressing the current mobile market. He said: “We were equally unimpressed with the state of phones the past couple of years. Yes, there are some good products here and there. But in in general, as Android enthusiasts ourselves, nothing's really inspired us in a while. It feels like the last great kind of shift in industrial design in phones ... was when Scott did the HTC One. Basically all the phones kind of look the same now, and we think it's kind of boring, and we think consumers are ready for something a little bit fresh, something a little bit cool.”

To find out more information about Nextbit or the upcoming Nextbit Robin smartphone, please visit their official website at, where you’ll find information on the product as well as a link to their current Kickstarter campaign. You'll also be able to access detailed contact information as well as a listing of available job opportunities with Nextbit.


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