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Nexto’s NVS2825 Offers Portable Memory Card Backup and Storage

Professional videographers, filmmakers and production personnel face a number of unique challenges when it comes to managing and storing their digital data, not the least of which is offloading data into some sort of archival device. That’s exactly what makes the Nexto NVS2825 portable memory card backup system so unique. Not only does it support the backup of up to 1 whole terabyte of video data, but it also supports video previewing and even pre-editing. Moreover, it provides all of this functionality through a device that is no larger than a small book.


Despite its small package, the Nexto NVS2825 actually packs some pretty serious power. Two main buses allow for importing digital video, including a PCMCIA slot for use with P2 or P2E cards and a separate SxS slot. Once the footage has been imported into the device, it can be previewed through a 2.5-inch LCD screen.

When it comes to copying data, the current firmware of Nexto NVS2825 includes three different copy modes, including “fast copy,” “copy and verify” and “safe copy.” The first option, “fast copy,” copies data into a newly created folder. “Copy and verify” essentially does the same thing, but it also performs bit-by-bit verification at the end of the process. Finally, “safe copy” verifies the integrity of each drive sector before data is written.

Lastly, the Nexto NVS2825 can draw power from a number of different sources, including the unit’s rechargeable internal battery, an AC power adapter or a 12-volt power connection for use inside vehicles. An external 12-volt battery can even be connected directly to the NVS2825, and the device can run from bus power when connected to a computer.


The Nexto NVS2825 is incredibly simple to use. Simply connect the device to a computer via the available USB 3.0 connection or the Firewire 800 port and begin working. While the USB 3.0 port is certainly the faster of the two, both work equally well if you’re not working under a tight deadline. Moreover, the device can utilize an external USB drive or an attached media card to increase the storage capabilities even further.


Regardless of the format you are working with, there’s a good chance that the Nexto NVS2825 supports it. At the time of this writing, the device is currently compatible with MP4, AVI, DV, MPEG-2, H.264, AVC, ProRes, DNxHD, MOV and MXF. The device itself is capable of using either an exFAT or UDF file system, both of which support the import of files over 4 GB in size.


With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,799 for a standard hard disk drive or $2,599 for a solid-state drive, the Nexto NVS2825 isn’t for the hobbyist filmmaker. However, if you are serious about turning your passion for videography into a career, the Nexto NVS2825 is a great piece of equipment that can ensure you don’t lose any crucial data. The Nexto NVS2825 is available for purchase now.

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