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How a Medical Records Storage Provider Cut Costs

Originally founded in 2002 and based out of Ontario, Canada, the popular provider of medical records management and storage, Nightingale Informatix Corporation, is a public company that hosts offices throughout Canada and the United States. As the serve the industry of healthcare information technology, including family physicians, allied healthcare practitioners, specialist doctors, hospitals and other healthcare institutions, the experts with Nightingale Informatix Corporation certainly have their hands full.

In fact, Nightingale was working with so much data, including approximately 17.7 million patient records, 11 million prescriptions and 5.2 million insurance claims on a yearly basis, that their on-site data centers were becoming overwhelmed. As such, Nightingale Informatix Corporation had no choice but to transition to an online, cloud-based storage vault. Not only did they cut costs on their own behalf, but they have effectively increased their medical records storage capacity while simultaneously bolstering data security.

While they considered a number of cloud storage providers before making a final decision, Nightingale ultimately settled on CenturyLink, Inc. For a one-time cost of just over $100,000, as well as monthly subscription fees based on the exact volume of data, CenturyLink was the most attractive option.

Ijaaz Ullah, vice president of information technology and privacy officer with Nightingale Informatix Corporation, explained how CenturyLink stacked up against its competitors. He was quoted as saying: “The question for us was, ‘Do we invest half a million to a million in capital to build out a data center, or do we spend $100,000 to $200,000 over a year to build four of them and pay for data volume as we need it?’”

The four data centers in question comprise two within the U.S. and two inside Canada. After implementing cloud services through CenturyLink in July 2014, however, Ullah estimates his company has saved between $5 million and $10 million IT costs thus far. With that much saved in the span of a year, it’s anybody’s guess as to what these figures may be in a few years.

Apart from the direct cost savings, Nightingale Informatix Corporation is able to utilize CenturyLink’s international cloud colocation service, which ensures compliance with country-specific data standards. Finally, the new storage platform facilitates quick and easy access to Nightingale’s online records management system, which can be used by service representatives when demonstrating and promoting the service.

About Nightingale Informatix Corporation

Nightingale Informatix Corporation provides a bevy of electronic medical record (EMR) solutions and services. This includes general practice management such as patient registration and billing, medical recordkeeping, provincial and private billing, financial reporting, electronic claims, lab reports, medical transcription services and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about Nightingale Informatix Corporation, including their solutions, products and resources, please visit their official website at

Alternatively, those who would prefer to speak with a live representative can do so by dialing 1-866-852-3663. Those who are interested in finding out more information about Nightingale’s new cloud services provider, CenturyLink, Inc., please visit their own website at


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