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How Nimble Storage Uses Creative Advertising to Spread the Word

As nearly every aspect of the IT industry is dominated - and in some cases, oversaturated - by the most popular and well-known companies, it can be quite difficult for a smaller enterprise to make a name for themselves. Nimble Storage, a California-based company that has specialized in flash-based storage solutions since 2008, is tackling the challenge head-on by enacting a unique, progressive and versatile marketing campaign known as the "Adaptive Flash Challenge."

The Adaptive Flash Challenge consists of several innovative promotional techniques. Firstly, Nimble will be using strategically placed online advertisements, primarily in the form of click-through banners, on various websites. Some noteworthy sites include InfoWorld, TechTarget, Computerworld and NetworkWorld, all of which are popular and useful resources within the IT community.

Other strategies used include a dedicated landing page that has been integrated into their own website as well as the utilization of popular social media channels, which boast regular tweets and posts from a duo named Mary and Harry. Such forms of advertisement help to attach a human face to the campaign, while simultaneously providing real world examples and applications of Nimble's flash-based storage solutions. Posts from both Mary and Harry can be seen on Twitter and Facebook.

After a user clicks on one of Nimble's new ads, they'll be invited to input some basic information. This includes their name, company and a list of flash-based solutions they've considered. Once complete, users are shown how Nimble's solutions compare to the ones they've already viewed. Those who complete Nimble's Adaptive Flash Challenge will then be entered to win a brand new Apple Watch.

In a recent interview, Michael Hakkert, vice president of corporate marketing with Nimble Storage, explained the focus of his organization as well as their take on the Adaptive Flash Challenge. He was quoted as saying: "One of the primary objectives as a company is to take the success we've had with the middle market and think of how to position the company in the enterprise space, and how to position the brand relative to incumbent storage vendors." He continued by saying: "We are making a rather large marketing investment this quarter around the 'Flash Challenge' and paid media. I'm pulling every penny I can from every corner of our marketing budget, without disrupting our existing demand programs."

Conceptualized and spearheaded by Hub Strategy and Communication, a San Francisco-based marketing firm, the Adaptive Flash Challenge campaign was only launched in February 2015. Despite this fact, it is expected to garner a great deal of success.
More than 100 users accepted the Adaptive Flash Challenge within the first week of the campaign, and nearly 30 resulted in personal meetings. Couple that with the fact that Nimble enjoyed a 134% spike in revenue growth when comparing 2014 to 2013, and Nimble Storage may just claim their share of the spotlight once and for all.

To find out more information about Nimble Storage, including a detailed listing of products, an overview of technology, partnership information and recent news, please visit their website at


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