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An Overview of Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage, founded in San Jose, California in 2008 by Varun Mehta, Umesh Maheshwari and Suresh Vasudevan, is an enterprise that revolves around delivering viable, comprehensive and efficient flash storage solutions. While the majority of their work involves large data storage arrays using iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity, they do offer some data backup and archival services. While they may not enjoy the ever-reaching clout of some of the IT industry frontrunners, Nimble Storage is nonetheless holding their own in a highly competitive market.


As mentioned, Nimble Storage does specialize in the manufacture and production of disk arrays. Their entry-level hardware includes the CS210 and the CS215, which provide more than enough computing power for midsized enterprises operating Microsoft Exchange. The CS300 is a great solution for large organizations that rely on several smaller sites, while the CS500 accommodates most large and advanced deployments. For those who have above-average performance requirements, the CS700 is the most powerful disk array in all of Nimble's current product offerings.

Most of Nimble's disk arrays boast an effective base capacity ranging from 8 to 100 terabytes, but certain models can be configured together for greater capacity. Each controller includes two integrated 1GbE ports, but additional network interfaces vary between models. While all of the products mentioned above are compatible with iSCSI architecture, only the CS300, CS500 and CS700 are compatibility with the Fibre Channel protocol. Additionally, the entire line of Nimble's current disk arrays take advantage of their exclusive Adaptive Flash technology, which is examined in closer detail below.

Adaptive Flash Platform

Nimble's most prolific solution to date involves their proprietary Adaptive Flash platform, which is based on their own previous designs seen in CASL and InfoSight architectures. Ultimately, the highly innovative technology is responsible for as much as a 75% reduction in the overall data footprint as well as a reduction in used datacenter rack space. Some of the primary features of Nimble's Adaptive Flash platform include increased performance and capacity density and the ability to store up to 90 days of hourly snapshots within a solitary array. Finally, seamless scalability offers a non-disruptive and incredibly versatile approach to scaling a system in the future - regardless of the desired size.

A Global Presence

While Nimble is headquartered in the United States, they actually maintain a global presence. With locations throughout the world, including nearly a dozen offices in Europe and several in the Asia-Pacific region, Nimble has already begun to expand.

Partnership Program

One of the driving forces behind their global expansion, the Nimble Storage Partner Program offers a number of resources, including promotional incentives, industry certifications and specialized tools, meant to aide in the development and success of all of their resellers.

More Information

For more information regarding Nimble Storage, any of their storage solutions, partnership information and more, interested parties can visit their website at Alternatively, those in the U.S. can call 1-877-364-6253 or 1-408-432-9600 to speak with a live representative. A Nimble Storage sales representative can also be reached by emailing


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