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NovaBACKUP Offers Increased Support for File Sharing Services

NovaStor's NovaBACKUP application, a winner of numerous international awards, has recently unveiled the latest software update - and it includes several major service upgrades. In fact, the team with NovaStor is touting the newest release of NovaBACKUP, NovaBACKUP Version 16.5, as the "fasted and most robust release in NovaStor history." If that doesn't convey their level of enthusiasm, nothing will.

Some of the most notable and worthwhile features of NovaBACKUP Version 16.5 revolve around incremental interaction with online storage services such as GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive, SkyDrive, iDriveSync and SafeSync. Users will now have the option of backing up their files from a local system to a specific online file sharing service, such as the ones mentioned above, and your data can still be stored with NovaStor's proprietary compression and encryption levels.

Users of NovaBACKUP Version 16.5 will also be able to backup their files from one of these file sharing services to one of their local drives or devices. This gives users the ability to maintain cloud-based, local and off-site data backups for maximum redundancy and protection.

Finally, NovaBACKUP Version 16.5 even gives users the option of backing up their files from one online file sharing service to another one. As long as the target site has enough available space, the files can be transferred between any of the services listed above.

Mike Andrews, managing director with NovaStor, spoke about the need for additional functionality within their popular NovaBACKUP software. He was quoted as saying: "In our continuing effort to provide 'Backup for the Rest of Us,' it was logical to support applications that have already proven popular in small businesses circles. Instead of trying to change the way a small business chooses to store their data, we decided to bring the advantages of NovaBACKUP directly to their comfort zone."

Although NovaStor's NovaBACKUP Version 16.5 features a boatload of new functionality, the upgrade is available to existing NovaBACKUP customers with Version 16.0 or higher who also maintain an active NovaCare maintenance. For those who are interested in purchasing NovaBACKUP for the first time, individual workstation licenses start at $49.95, while packages featuring multiple service environments and centralized system management will run as high as $1,499.95.

Their final option, which has proven to be NovaStor's bestselling offering to date, includes a bevy of additional features. For a price of $599.95, customers will receive access to the latest version of NovaBACKUP as well as one year of unlimited customer support, free professional consultation, setup assistance and access to all of NovaStor's upcoming product upgrades. Moreover, users who are new to NovaBACKUP will be able to enjoy the software under a 30-day money back guarantee.

NovaStor currently boasts more than 5,000 industry partnerships located around the globe. They maintain offices in Switzerland, Germany and the United States, where they continue to provide localized solutions aimed at meeting the data storage, backup and protection needs of an ever-evolving industry. To find out more information about NovaStor, including information about any of their current products, you can visit their website at


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