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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Overview of NTI Backup Now Software

NTI Corporation, the pioneer behind the highly popular NTI Backup Now software, has recently unveiled the latest version of their software. Released to the public in August 2015, NTI Backup Now 6 features an enhanced user interface, improved backup speeds and an integrated Job Management console to streamline the entire data backup process.

In fact, NTI Backup Now 6 provides a comprehensive data backup suite bundled into one package. Secured with 256-bit AES encryption and advanced data compression algorithms, and with the option to backup all or some of your data, the software is meant to fulfill the needs of nearly every computer user. Additional features include the ability to create continuous backups, support for cloud-based backup via Microsoft Azure, options for transferring or archiving backup data via integrated backup migration functionality, drive spanning and backup scheduling, NTI Backup Now 6 offers a wide range of useful backup features.

Moreover, users of NTI Backup Now 6 will enjoy the ability to store their backup information on a number of common devices, including both internal and external drives, USB flash drives, network attached storage devices and more. Additionally, users can archive their data to a remote computer through a LAN connection. As such, NTI Backup Now 6 is one of the most versatile backup options on the market today.

Bill Yao, president and CEO with NTI, touted the success of his company’s backup solution while discussing the latest version of the software. He was quoted as saying: “As a flag ship of our product portfolio, NTI Backup Now has always been a highly rated Windows PC backup software. Its history of being the world’s first backup software on optical media, its winning track record of prestigious Editor’s Choice awards, and its install base of millions of users worldwide all attest to its quality and reliability. In this new edition, we continue to deliver NTI’s trademarked ease-of-use while making enhancements on both functionality and performance.”

If that wasn’t enough, NTI Backup Now 6 even includes a built-in Disk Upgrade tool, which helps users make the transition to larger or faster drives. By using the Disk Upgrade utility, users can simply restore their latest backup to the newly installed drive. Moreover, Disk Upgrade can automatically re-partition the backup data to fit the capabilities of the newly installed drive.


A two-user package, which grants installation of the software on two separate Windows-based PCs, is currently priced at $79.99. Alternatively, customers can purchase a five-user package at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99.99. NTI’s Backup Now 6 is available for purchase via their official website.

About NTI

NTI Corporation has maintained a presence as a software developer for 20 years. Their Backup Now software was originally unveiled to the public in 1998, and it’s gained a reputation as one of the most efficient and reliable backup options for Windows-based computers ever since. To find out more information about the brand, including details on any of their software solutions, please visit their official website at


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