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NTT Research Set to Host Encryption and Blockchain Studies from Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley isn't just the epicenter for technology in the United States. What many don't realize is the fact that Silicon Valley draws interest from investors from all around the globe – and they're pursuing many different endeavors.

One of the most recent names to make a presence in Silicon Valley is NTT. Also known as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, NTT is headquartered out of Japan – but they're set to make a huge impact in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Established in July 2019, the initial NTT Research outpost is the first in a series of planned facilities that include cities of Boston, Munich, Israel, and London. While their initial lab only boasts approximately 20 full-time employees, NTT expects to expand to 50 within the next five years.

Jun Sawada, president and CEO of NTT, spoke enthusiastically about the recent news, saying: "Our new research center, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, will draw upon the strength and heritage of applied research and innovation from NTT R&D in Japan and will be an ongoing opportunity for sharing groundbreaking research in important technology fields with global partners, clients and academics. Our goal is to strengthen the fundamental research needed for global innovation and next-generation technologies."

Moreover, the NTT Research outpost in Silicon Valley will focus on three primary areas of information technology – including encryption, medicine, and informatics.

- Encryption: The researchers at NTT will lead in-depth studies into next-gen encryption methods, including advanced applications involving blockchain technologies. Many consumers are familiar with blockchain due to its usage in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but it's a reliable, efficient, and secure format for storing data of all types.

- Medicine: Next-gen IT has resulted in many breakthroughs over the past few years, many of which are centered on medicine. From new machinery that is capable of monitoring health and diagnosing health conditions to computer-driven sensors that are capable of generating a "digital twin" of any living being on the planet – it's safe to say that medicine and IT go hand-in-hand.

- Physics and informatics: Finally, the team at NTT Research will perform comprehensive studies into the areas of physics and informatics, too. One of their specific goals is to pioneer a brand new, fiber optic-based quantum computer that will push the boundaries of modern computing to all-new heights.

Make no mistake – these are some pretty difficult goals to achieve. However, given the current state of IT, including the rapid development of technologies like the blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things, such breakthroughs are closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

Although NTT isn't a well-known brand outside of Japan, their latest efforts should change that. They already maintain a presence in 88 different countries and boast 300,000 employees around the world – but they've been absent from the IT market in the U.S. up until now. For more information on NTT, including details on any of the latest news or events from the company, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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