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StorageCraft Now Offering Cloud Backup for Office 365

StorageCraft has been a major player in cloud computing and data backup for quite some time now. While most of their IT solutions and software packages are compatible with a variety of operating systems and platforms, they haven’t yet offered support for Microsoft’s Office 365 – until now.

The Beginning of an Upward Trajectory

It was only a matter of time until StorageCraft embraced Office 365. As such, they’re now offering complete data protection and archival for Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and any publicly shared folders. They’re planning on adding support for other platforms, including Salesforce and Box, in the near future.

Mike Kunz, senior vice president of operations with StorageCraft, touted the usefulness and versatility of his company’s offerings by stating: “The entire StorageCraft suite of Cloud Backup solutions, including the pending products for Google Apps, Salesforce and, should be extremely relevant to users of SaaS applications. When viewed in combination with the recent acquisition of Gillware software and the distribution agreement with Exablox, our total solution offering now addresses business continuity needs for businesses of all sizes.”

Although they already have a significant presence in the industry, StorageCraft is obviously trying to push their brand further and gain even more recognition in the cloud computing race. Major moves like this are bound to make that a reality in the very near future.

Selling New Customers on the Cloud

Perhaps more than anything else, StorageCraft is hopeful to sell some new customers on their cloud services. As more businesses make the transition to Office 365 and its related components, users are encountering new roadblocks and obstacles when it comes to backing up their data. StorageCraft, one of the leaders in data backup in the 21st century, is the perfect brand to help ease the transition.

Scott Barnes, chief technology officer with StorageCraft, tried to clear up some of the mystique surrounding cloud computing by saying: “The common misperception that cloud solutions provide sufficient backup capability is preventing organizations from taking the proper safeguards to protect their data. Microsoft backs up Office 365 against problems related to their own data centers, but they don’t provide safeguards against data loss from user or system errors.”

Microsoft Office 365 and StorageCraft make it simple to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. From file shareability to data archival and advanced security, nearly every company is eager to make the transition to the cloud.

The Future of Microsoft Office 365 and StorageCraft

It’s anybody’s guess as to what the future has in store for Microsoft Office 365 and StorageCraft, but one thing is for certain: they’re both here to stay. With an increasing emphasis on interconnectivity and mobile communications within the workplace as well as the widespread embrace of new technology in general, both companies will continue to thrive in the highly competitive and rapidly evolving IT industry.

To find out more information on StorageCraft, including details on any of their products or solutions, please visit their official website at {{|}} For details on Office 365, head over to their official website at {{|}}


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