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One Touch Backup: An Introduction

Everyone knows that they should back up their data, but how many actually do? If you ask a lot of people, you will find that either they don’t understand how to back up or they do not think that they have enough time. Windows even offers the ability to simply drag your files over to something like an external hard drive and it will copy everything over. It sounds simple enough, but for some they want it to be even simpler. Considering the frustration that comes when you lose all your important files, backing up should be an imperative computer task that everyone carries out. With One Touch Backup, there is now no excuse not to.
One Touch Backup is a feature of some external hard drives. The drives come with a single button on the front of the enclosure. All you need to do is install the software that comes with the drive on your computer, specify which files and folders you want to back up and then press the button. Everything will be synced over to the drive and there is nothing more you need to do. From then on, every time you want to perform a backup you simply press the button on the front of the drive and it will work its magic.
While this works as a backup solution, the efficiency of it really depends on what type of One Touch Backup software is being used. For example, it is all very well selecting countless folders that you want to be backed up, but if the majority of the contents are not being changed often then there is no need to keep transferring the same copy of the file to the drive. As such, a program that supports incremental backing up is something to look out for. This means that it will detect when changes have been made to a file and will only back that up. This will save a lot of time since far less data is being sent to the backup drive each time.
The benefits of One Touch Backup mean that you can quickly and easy put all of your important data on to an external hard drive. This will allow you to take the data anywhere you want and transfer it to a different system should you desire. Also, you do not have to use the drives solely as a backup system. If you want, it can just act as a normal hard drive and be used as extra storage space for all your music and pictures.
One Touch Backup is great for those people who want to have secondary copies of their files without any faffing around of complex systems. Once you have set up which folders you want to be copied it really is just as simple as pushing a button on the drive and the job is done. Providing the user remembers to take regular backups, then a One Touch Backup drive could be a great solution for those users looking for a cheap and easy to understand backup method.


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