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Popular Data Archival Service Carbonite Acquired by OpenText

OpenText, a software developer based out of Canada, might not be a household name just yet; but they're hoping to change all that following a series of acquisitions that is marked with their recent purchase of Carbonite. Known as an industry leader in data storage, backup, and endpoint protection, the Carbonite brand is sure to add even more steam to OpenText's forward momentum - and there's no telling where they'll stop.

What is OpenText?

The company known as OpenText Corporation, also known as OpenText or opentext, is based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Recognized as Canada's largest software company since 2014, they've actually been in business since 1991.

Most of their software-based solutions, which provide support for large companies, governmental entities, and professional service providers of all kinds, are aimed at general information management, content management, and regulatory compliance.

OpenText's executive vice president of engineering, Muhi Majzoub, spoke about the additional value provided through their recent acquisitions by saying: "Solutions in content management… and media management, all play into the medium business space. We now can offer bundled solutions and value add and money-saving to our customers by acquiring more of our technologies."

He also spoke specifically about the recent acquisition of Carbonite as well as another recent purchase, Webroot, by saying: "Carbonite and Webroot have done a great job in the SMB and the consumer business and it’s really what attracted us to the asset in the first place. It is an opportunity for us to learn of what they have done and also to open up bigger channels for them and bigger fields of play, if you will, with OpenText’s marketing machine and with OpenText’s sales machine. There are many, many opportunities where we bring value to our enterprise customers through an SMB and a consumer place. Many opportunities."

A Web of Acquisitions

Webroot, which was acquired by Carbonite itself in early 2019, added much-needed endpoint security to the Carbonite service; and it's expected to be a tremendous asset to OpenText, too. In fact, OpenText has been on a spree of acquisitions as of late. They've purchased many different companies that cross the spectrum of IT services, including:

- 2019: Carbonite
- 2018: Liaison Technologies
- 2017: Guidance Software, Covisint, Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc.
- 2016: Captiva Software

Additionally, they acquired Documentum, InfoArchive, and ApplicationXtender in 2016 – all of which were purchased from the Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division. Digging back even further into the company's history uncovers even more acquisitions, including those of GXS, Actuate, Cordys, Artesia, Daegis, EasyLink, and many more.

It's also important to note that most of Carbonite's current staff will remain onboard under the new ownership. However, some of the team, especially those on the executive level, will likely lose their roles due to overlapping responsibilities with the current OpenText executives.

For more information on OpenText, including news and details on any of their other acquisitions, products, or solutions, head over to their official website at


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