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The Optimus ECO SAS SSD By SMART Storage Systems

Meant to combine the benefits of flash-based storage with the eco-friendly capabilities of today's traditional hard drives, SMART Storage Systems' new Optimus Eco drive is a great way to balance computational needs with environmentally friendly trends of the 21st century. Moreover, with various capacities available, the Optimus Eco line of solid-state drives is suitable for nearly every home computer user today.

Technical Specifications

The SMART Storage Systems Optimus Eco drive is available in four varying capacities. The initial entry comes in at 400 GB, with models as high as 800 GB, 1.6 TB and even 2 TB at the maximum level. Random read / write speeds of 100K / 45K IOPS work in tandem with a sustained performance of 500 / 500 MB/s, which is enough to make the drive competitive with some of the higher priced drives currently on the market. Finally, the SMART Storage Systems Optimus Eco drive even offers support for wide-port SAS functionality, thereby accommodating up to 1 GB/s of continuous read capability for programs that are supportive of the new feature.

Integrated Technologies

Another key selling point of the SMART Storage Systems Optimus Eco drive is the number of advanced drive technologies that are seen built into the hard drive. The Guardian Technology Platform, which is SMART Storage Systems' own creation, serves as a jumping point for access to such technologies, including FlashGuard, DataGuard and EverGuard.

FlashGuard, which is meant to extend the lifespan of flash-based drives, is capable of delivering as many as seven complete drive writes per day over a prolonged timeline of five years. The technology is able to achieve this by combining concepts known as aggregated flash management and advanced signal processing, which ultimately extend the life of SSDs.

DataGuard, as its name implies, is in place to safeguard your data from corruption. Providing protection specific to individual file pages and blocks, DataGuard is able to offer complete data path protection. Another feature, known as flexible redundant array of memory elements, or F.R.A.M.E., serves as a user friendly data recovery application in the case of a hard drive failure or data loss.

The final feature seen integrated into the SMART Storage Systems Optimus Eco drive is known as EverGuard. This works in tandem with the DataGuard protocol in order to protect against data loss. Unlike DataGuard, which provides protections for the files contained within your flash drive, EverGuard is meant as a safeguard against sudden power interruptions or failures. It achieves this through the use of a third-generation backup circuit configuration as well as numerous advanced capacitors.

In Summary

The SMART Storage Systems Optimus Eco drive is great for users who are working with diversified workloads in either home or enterprise scenarios. It's high level of reliability and efficient performance provides plenty enough computational power for most networks, and it's use of integrated technologies provides numerous failsafe options. Finally, with a full five-year warranty direct from the manufacturer, users of the Optimus Eco drive will be able to enjoy solace in the fact that the professionals at SMART Storage Systems are available and accessible if needed.


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