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Oracle Fixes More Than 500 Bugs in Latest Update

Oracle maintains a lot of different hardware, software, and firmware. While this ultimately makes them one of the most prolific tech companies in the entire IT industry, it also means issuing hundreds of patches to support the various products on a long-term basis.

Their most recent series of patches, issued in April 2022, includes no less than 500 new security patches. Part of their Critical Patch Update (CPU) series, the patches weren’t exactly unexpected. However, they do highlight the rapid development of modern threats and vulnerabilities in today’s IT systems.

A recent statement released by Oracle reads, in part: “Oracle continues to periodically receive reports of attempts to maliciously exploit vulnerabilities for which Oracle has already released security patches. In some instances, it has been reported that attackers have been successful because targeted customers had failed to apply available Oracle patches. Oracle therefore strongly recommends that customers remain on actively-supported versions and apply Critical Patch Update security patches without delay.”

Enterprise Manager

Numerous products from the Oracle Enterprise Manager are included in the recent updates, including Enterprise Manager Base Platform (versions 13.4 and 13.5), Enterprise Manager for PeopleSoft (versions and, Enterprise Manager for Storage Management (version 13.4), and Enterprise Manager Ops Center (version 12.4).


One of Oracle’s most popular products, MySQL sees numerous updates in the latest CPU, including updates to several versions of MySQL Cluster, Connectors, Enterprise Monitor, Server, and Workbench.

Oracle Banking

Another popular industry for Oracle Products, banking services that are updated in the April 2022 CPU include Banking Deposits and Lines of Credit Servicing, Banking Enterprise Default Management, Banking Loans Servicing, Banking Party Management, Banking Payments, Banking Platform, Banking Trade Finance, and Banking Treasury Management.

Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core

With cloud computing growing in popularity, it’s no surprise that numerous updates focus on Oracle’s cloud services. This includes Cloud Native Core Automated Test Suite, Cloud Native Core Binding Support Function, Cloud Native Core Console, Cloud Native Core Network Exposure Function, Cloud Native Core Network Repository Function, Cloud Native Core Network Slice Selection Function, Cloud Native Core Unified Data Repository, and more.

Oracle Ethernet Switch

Two different Ethernet switches are updated in the April 2022 CPU, including the ES1-24 (version 1.3.1) and TOR-72 (version 1.2.2).

Oracle Financial Services

Many of the recent updates focus on Oracle’s financial services. This includes Analytical Applications Infrastructure, Behavior Detection Platform, Enterprise Case Management, and Revenue Management and Billing.

Oracle Hyperion

Various components of Oracle Hyperion were updated, including BI+, Calculation Manager, Data Relationship Management, Financial Management, Infrastructure Technology, Planning, Profitability and Cost Management, and Tax Provision.

Oracle Retail

Since Oracle is incredibly popular amongst modern retailers, it’s no surprise that this area was a prime target for the April 2022 CPU. Updates include Bulk Data Integration, Customer Insights, Customer Management and Segmentation Foundation, Data Extractor for Merchandising, EFTLink, Extract Transform and Load, Financial Integration, Integration Bus, Invoice Matching, Merchandising System, Service Backbone, Inventory Management, Xstore Office Cloud Service, and Xstore Point of Service.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Finally, PeopleSoft saw numerous updates, too. This includes Enterprise CS Academic Advisement, Enterprise FIN Cash Management, Enterprise PeopleTools, and Enterprise PRTL Interaction Hub.


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