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Oracle's New Database Backup Service

Oracle is a company that was founded in 1977 and has since grown globally to become the second-largest software maker, topped only by Microsoft. The firm specialise in developing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. In 2013, the company had a net income of $10.92 billion and 122,458 employees.

Oracle has recently launched a new database backup service and cloud storage service. The introduction of these services is only expanding their portfolio of cloud-based solutions. As you’re probably well aware, utilising the cloud is something that all major firms are jumping on board with, whether it’s Google’s Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive.

The database backup service from Oracle is part of their Cloud Platform as a Service range. It integrates with their Oracle Recovery Manager system and offers users simple and speedy backup and recovery of their data from either on-premises databases or from the Oracle cloud.

One of the benefits that the service offers is that users can parallelise and compress the backup data, meaning that storage space is saved and performance is increased. Additionally, when security is an even bigger issue for clients, especially in the age of the NSA revelations, client-side encryption is also an included feature. This means that it is encrypted before being sent to the cloud, meaning that no-one can unencrypt it but you.

The database backup service offers redundancy policies to ensure your data is highly available, enterprise-grade data protection and privacy policies, total scalability with capacity on-demand, and a transparent backup management using RMAN interface for seamless backup and restore operations.

This service is priced at $33/TB/month and gives users unlimited Oracle database backups, automatic three-way data mirroring, regional data isolation, transparent access via the backup module and recovery manager, plus RMAN encryption and compression.

Oracle’s storage cloud service is part of their Infrastructure as a Service range. This gives users a scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective solution for data storage in the cloud. It’s great for business users as it supports a variety of applications, including OpenStack Swift, Java and REST.

“To remain competitive in today's highly connected business environment, organizations are increasingly adopting and building new cloud-based solutions. There is also a huge push to migrate existing on-premises workloads to the public cloud and support portability between on-premises and cloud environments,” said Chris Pinkham, Oracle’s SVP of Product Development.

“To help customers achieve these goals, Oracle has further expanded its comprehensive set of enterprise-grade infrastructure cloud services. The new services are based on open standards, integrated to work together seamlessly, and designed to support full portability between on-premises and cloud environments,” he continued.

Further details on Oracle’s products can be found on their official website. Here you will also be able to access a live chat facility, allowing you to talk to an advisor and get your questions answered straight away. Support via phone and email is also available, if preferred.

For those using the Oracle infrastructure, these new products look to be a great additional to the ever-growing ecosystem.


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