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Overland Storage Becomes Preferred Vendor of Biotest Pharmaceuticals

Originally founded in 1980 and known as Overland Data, the San Diego-based company now known as Overland Storage has been able to maintain their presence in the industry for nearly four decades now. Currently existing as a subsidiary of Sphere 3D, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about the data storage niche.

Perhaps most well-known for their Snap Server product, a NAS appliance that has sold over 300,000 units worldwide, the team with Overland Data has recently attained status as the preferred vendor of Biotest Pharmaceuticals. It goes without saying that the recent announcement marks a significant milestone for Overland Data, Snap Server and Biotest Pharmaceuticals alike.

Sibrina Shafique, senior director of product management and marketing, spoke about the usefulness of SnapServer in a recent interview, where she stated: "Significant transformations in the pharmaceutical industry have led to exponential growth in research data, which at most times is generated in geographically-distributed locations. SnapServer, a widely deployed data storage solution with operational simplicity, offers high reliability and seamless growth. In a geographically distributed storage deployment, the built-in array of replication tools makes it easy to move the data around and the SnapStorage Manager enables centralized management. We believe our SnapCLOUD, SnapSync and SnapServer product family is a game changer for the storage industry and puts us in a unique position to be a single source for a complete private and hybrid cloud experience."

What is Biotest Pharmaceuticals

In business since 2007, Biotest Pharmaceuticals operates a number of plasmapheresis facilities throughout the United States. In addition, Biotest Pharmaceuticals maintains a full-time manufacturing plant in the state of Florida.

A subsidiary of Biotest AG, which boasts roughly 2,100 employees located around the globe, Biotest Pharmaceuticals supports numerous scientific and academic initiatives on a continual basis. Moreover, they've been using the SnapServer platform to assist in data collection, management and protection.

However, Overland Storage wasn't the only company to receive consideration for the title of preferred vendor with Biotest Pharmaceuticals. In reality, the IT team with Biotest Pharmaceuticals analyzed and tested numerous companies, software suites and cloud platforms in order to ensure they were making a well-informed decision.

The SnapServer Suite

Organizations like Biotest Pharmaceuticals have a lot to gain from the SnapServer suite of IT solutions. With every model of the SnapServer NAS including GuardianOS by default, a highly secure and efficient operating system, IT experts benefit from standardization and accessibility.

The relatively recent introduction of SnapCLOUD, a virtual NAS app that is available through Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, offers cloud hybridization with centralized infrastructure management and control. Moreover, the app supports rapid deployment and seamless integration with other solutions provided by Overland Storage.

For more information on Overland Storage, SnapServer, SnapCLOUD or any related products, services or solutions, please refer to their official website at Apart from comprehensive and detailed product listings, the official website also contains recent news releases, a plethora of valuable online resources and more. Those who may be interested in purchasing solutions from Overland Storage can also fill out a free quote request for even more information.


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