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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Overview of Argentum Backup

Argentum Backup is one of the many backup tools available on the market today. Backup is a serious business of course, and one that every user should be a part of. You never know when disaster will strike, which is exactly why backup provides that layer of protection. Let’s take a look at Argentum Backup, assess the features on offer and see whether it’s worth using.

The utility provides users with a number of pre-set templates to help beginner users start their backups. These are useful for those who aren’t totally sure what files they should be backing up and would prefer some assistance. The templates on offer are documents, email and contacts, and Windows settings – each one backs up a different part of the computer and they can all be deployed simultaneously.

Of course, users can also set up their own templates, allowing the selection of certain files and folders that should be backed up. Filters can also be set, like asking to exclude temporary files or to only back up image files. This backup can then be carried out straight away, or at a time of your choosing.

The tool is also handy for creating multiple backups of the same data. Sometimes you might be working on a file, only to then need to roll it back a couple of versions. Argentum allows you to choose how many copies to have and how regularly to take them. Although everything is backed up in zip, allowing for file compression, you’ll still need a fair bit of storage space if you’re going to keep multiple versions of a lot of your files. As an aside, a good benefit of using zip is that there’s no need for any external programs to unpack your backups – it can all be done right inside Windows Explorer.

In order to save space, however, Argentum will incrementally back up your data. This means that it won’t repeatedly back up the same file over and over if nothing has changed on it. If there is new data, modified data, or deleted data, then the program will create a new backup for it, otherwise it’ll be left unchanged. In fact, not only does this maintain storage space, but it also makes the backups much quicker too.

At a $39 price tag, Argentum Backup is certainly a good choice for those looking for a simple and fairly standard backup utility. Perhaps one cautionary note is that there aren’t a whole lot of advanced features that some users may be used to in competing products such as R-Drive. Nevertheless, for the low price point, it certainly does a good job and reviewers believe it performs well.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can download a trial version of the program. Although it does have reduced functionality (like a limited number of multiple tasks and a slower run time), it should give you a good idea of whether or not Argentum Backup is suitable for your needs. Check out the official website to try and buy.


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