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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Overview of Essential Data Tools' ExtraBackup

ExtraBackup, one of the main applications provided by Essential Data Tools is designed to help users protect the data that matters most. It specialises in doing the leg-work for the user by using automation, operating on all “modern” versions of windows. The program monitors what it has already copied, using “snapshot” methodology - i.e recording how the drive looked before hand and only copying new or modified files. It also supports a customisable copy location, allowing for the backup to occur in another folder, another drive or even a networked location. The program claims to run in the background, not being obtrusive to the user or intended operations for the computer. The program is marketed as reliable and will always have a backup of your data in a “secure” location. Secure is in quotes because ultimately, the user decides where files are saved or backed up, thus the security/reliability of the location is entirely down to the user. So what do Essential Data Tools mean by secure?

It has already been refuted in terms of reliability of the location, but do they offer any security? The answer is a resounding yes. A key feature of the program here is that it uses Encryption, and none other than the industry gold standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

The program also boasts a simple user interface, allowing for quick navigation for the layman and supporting the unobtrusive nature of the program that the designers promote in general. The backup can also include multiple source folders – great for users wishing the information to be stored safely in more than one location. A neat scheduling feature also allows regular backups to occur without hassling the user to start it themselves, this a particular bonus for the more forgetful administrators out there with busy schedules of their own.

A really key feature to focus on is that the backup program also keeps old files and obsolete versions of them. This means that if you make a sweeping change to a document and save it, the original file is not lost forever! A number of previously reviewed more basic backup utilities do not offer this, and such result in unwanted loss of information.

The developers have also taken into account less powerful systems. This is great for laptop or budget desktop users whose processor power is more precious. The program only runs one backup process at a time to prevent system overload or slowing down other more important applications. The system also boasts support for LANs and Audio-visual event alerts. These can become irritating for those with frequent schedules however, so it is important to remember to disable them.

A trial version is available to those who wish to give it a whirl before committing funds. The charge is a more humble $29.95 which is great for smaller scale users looking to get something in their price range. Overall, ExtraBackup is a neat little application towards the top end of the backup market, despite the fact it is from a relatively little-known developer, the software still comes with some weighty features and a decent range of options.


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