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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Overview of Nordic Backup

Cloud services are popping up all over the place nowadays that it can be hard to decide which one is best for your data. This article will examine Nordic Backup, a Florida-based cloud company that is fighting for your custom.

Nordic Backup comes in three flavours: home, small business and pro. They cost $59/year, $249/year and $3/month (minimum) respectively. They all offer unlimited cloud storage, 256-bit encryption and the ability to restore your files from anywhere. Let’s take a look at some of these universal features, plus those that are unique to the enterprise plans.

First of all, Nordic uses a continuous backup system. This means that it will update your data the instant a new file is created or an existing one is modified. Data is something that is constantly in flow and even a system that backs up at the end up the day sometimes just isn’t enough – Nordic ensures that your backup is the most recent.

Nordic offers the ability to roll back specific bits of data to previous versions. Some users won’t realise that their data is missing for a while, until they need to access it, so hosting previous file versions means you can roll back with ease. The basic version of Nordic will retain data for 60 days, but this can be upgraded to a 90 day retention period.

One of the great things about Nordic is that it encrypts your data before it has even left your system. This means that it is transmitted and received in an encrypted state; even if it is intercepted or attempted to be read on the other end, only you’ll be able to access it with your private password. Nordic claim that they “do not compromise on privacy or security”, which is a great thing to read.

Finally, Nordic also offers you the ability to have a redundant local backup. You can configure an additional copy of your data to be stored on an external hard drive for faster data access or recovery, meaning that you’ll not only have your data in the cloud, but locally too.

For business users, Nordic is compatible with NAS devices. These may have fault tolerance built-in, but they are never immune to failure. Nordic displays NAS devices and shared folders in their system browser, meaning everything is integrated alongside your standard computer folders. This makes it a breeze for anyone, no matter their technology competency level, to use Nordic.

Pro users will be able to create backup copies of their database, exchange and virtual server with ease. It also allows you to create either a Windows System State backup or a complete bare metal image of your entire server.

Whatever your need, home or business, Nordic Backup has you covered. Be sure to check out their official website where you can find out further details about their product, along with a full comparison of all three different versions. Disappointingly, though, there doesn’t seem to be an option for a free trial, a feature that many of the top cloud providers offer.


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