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Overview of DrivePop

The cloud storage marketplace is getting increasingly crowded by the day and now another challenger has approached the podium. DrivePop is a cloud backup service that is run by Rob Boirun, a man who has been working in the storage industry since 2001. It’s obvious that cloud backup is growing in demand (it seems that every tech company under the sun has their own), Boirun has teamed up with some of his expert colleagues to create DrivePop.
DrivePop aims to stand out from its competitors by offering unlimited storage on all of its payment plans. No matter what monthly fee you pay, you’re guaranteed to be able to store as much of your data as you wish. It’s certainly a good offer and one that sets DrivePop apart from those who charge an arm and a leg for unlimited storage. Depending on which plan you pick, you can use the service on a number of computers.
You can sign up for a trial of the service that offers you 512GB of data on one computer for 14 days. All of the plans come with unthrottled bandwidth, 30 file versions, the ability to view your files anywhere, and control panel and app access. The Starter pack costs $2.99 p/month and $29.99 annually and can be used on a single computer. The Family pack costs $7.49 p/month and $74.99 annually and can be used on five computers. Finally, the Ultimate Backup plan costs $9.99 p/month and $99.99 annually and, as the name suggests, can be used on an unlimited number of computers.
Bear in mind that their use of the term ‘computer’ means a desktop or laptop device and not something like an iPhone or Android phone – these are included in all plans under the ‘Control Panel & App Access’.
DrivePop uses “military grade servers” and AES-256 encryption to ensure that your data is kept safe. It would have been nice to see some client-side encryption, especially for a service that is priding itself on security, but not many cloud services actually offer this.
All accounts get access to customer support, including live chat when available and email support. There’s also an extensive knowledgebase that can answer a lot of questions instantly. This might sound like fairly standard features, but some cloud providers only offer support to people on the high end packages. Handily, on DrivePop, it’s offered to all.
DrivePop doesn’t offer anything particularly standout over its competitors, but it’s another competent looking service and competition is never a bad thing, especially with some good pricing like is on offer here. The Starter pack will especially benefit a lot of users at the $29.99 annual price point. Since DrivePop is a fairly new service, its real reliability will only be tested over time. However, the CEO of the company has a good record in the industry, so it can be hoped that DrivePop will stand up to the test of time. It’s worth trialling the service to see if it takes your fancy, then perhaps move on to a monthly membership to see if it’s worth your full payment.


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