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Do-It-Yourself Windows File Recovery Software: A Comparison

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Overview of KeepItSafe

KeepItSafe is a range of backup products aimed at enterprise users. These are Online Backup, DR and Mobile. Let’s take a look at each one in term, assess the features on offer and see whether it’s worth your business making use of the service.

Firstly, running KeepItSafe Online Backup will take your data form your physical server, laptop or desktop PC and send it to the KeepItSafe data centre in the cloud. Everything will be encrypted along the way, and the data will also be sent to a redundant data centre to offer extra protection. The benefit of having this redundant system is that if one of them fails, you’ve got another to fall back on.

The backups are fully automated, saving IT time, can be scaled as you desire and are fully managed and monitored. Not only that, but the data is managed, monitored and configured to world-class ISO standards.

Backing up online like this has a number of benefits. For one, it allows you to restore your files from wherever you are, using the secure web portal that KeepItSafe offer. Secondly, it frees up physical space, meaning there’s no need to store drives or tapes around the place.

Secondly, KeepItSafe DR is the disaster recovery solution on offer, giving users an all-in-one online backup along with a disaster recovery solution. The utility seamlessly integrates with Microsoft applications (Windows Servers, plus VMware, vSphere and ESXi servers) and has global deduplication. Servers can be rewound to any point in time; there are block-level snapshots with incremental-forever data capture, plus the ability to do a bare-metal restore and failover virtual machines.

It’s certainly a comprehensive package. To top things off, the KeepItSafe engineers will be monitoring your backups 24/7 to ensure that nothing goes wrong. You will have specific engineers appointed to your IT team, meaning you are always dealing with the same group. They will alert you to any anomalous events and will proactively intervene to avert or restore from data loss.

Finally, KeepItSafe Mobile offers backup, file sharing, collaboration and data loss prevention on-the-go. According to Microsoft, 67% of employees use their personal mobile in the workplace; according to Kensington, 52% of mobile devices are stolen from the workplace. As such, it’s perfectly understandable that a company would want to keep control of their while it’s being stored on employee’s smartphones.

KeepItSafe Mobile works on a number of devices (iPads, tablets and smartphones), systems (iOS and Android) and hardware and provides user-friendly mobile apps to offer data access at any time and in any place. Additionally, everyone company-wide can collaborate on documents via file-sharing. And, of course, there are high encryption standards even on mobile; the encryption of data in transit (256-bit SSL) and in storage (256-bit AES) secures data end-to-end. Plus, there is the ability to remotely data wipe if needs be (like if the device holds sensitive information and it falls into the wrong hands).

Take a look at the official KeepItSafe website for further information and to get a pricing quote for your enterprise.


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