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An Overview of the Panzura Global File System

As more and more consumers become educated and knowledgeable about the benefits of cloud computing, alternative platforms, including those seen in popular hybrid cloud platforms, are quickly gaining popularity. The team with Panzura, however, has taken an innovative and incredibly approach to the concept of hybrid cloud computing. In fact, their Global File System is so far removed from some of its competitors that it can hardly be considered a hybrid cloud platform at all.

The Panzura Global File System in a Nutshell

Referred to as GFS, Panzura's Global File System attempts to blur the lines between localized and remote, cloud-based storage. While Panzura still utilizes a number of different data centers to store their customers' data, this isn't made readily apparent to the customer. Instead, the customer sees the system as a series of file repositories that are confined to a specific region.

However, don't let this caveat scare you. This isn't done to try and deceive the customer at all. In fact, Panzura is completely upfront about the entire process. The fact that the customer is able to assume a "localized" viewpoint of their data actually serves to increase accessibility and draw new customers to the cloud. It also serves as a nice alternative to some of the more popular public and private cloud options that are available today.

Randy Chou, Panzura's CEO and co-founder, spoke about the public's increasing embrace of cloud computing. He was quoted as saying: "This will not only dramatically reduce the capital and operating costs associated with storage, it will also make possible an entirely new style of enterprise collaboration and efficiency, especially for businesses that operate in multiple locations or across the globe. One direct consequence: companies in the business of providing high-margin on-premises storage will be facing a dramatic decline in demand."

Panzura Attains Certification to Run In Microsoft Azure

In an effort to strengthen their presence even further, Panzura's Cloud Controllers have recently achieved certification via Microsoft Azure. Their Cloud Controllers serve to provide a cloud-based NAS to the Azure platform while maintaining contact with the entirety of the GFS and Panzura's own datacenters. The result is increased performance as well as native virtualization support within the cloud.

A Brief Look at Panzura

Although the name might not be familiar to you as of yet, their recent moves, including the established of their GFS, is setting Panzura up to become a major player in the game. The company was originally founded in 2008 in California. They've received funding from numerous sources since their inception, from sources that include the likes of SanDisk, Chevron Technology Ventures, Matrix Partners and more.

While nobody can say for certain what the future holds for Panzura, the company's rapid ascent into the cloud computing race, as well as the unexpected development with Microsoft and the Azure Marketplace, are all great indicators for a young company that is facing serious competition from all corners of the industry.

If you want to find out even more information about Panzura, including details on any of their products or solutions, please visit their official website at


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