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Paragon Used in Healthcare Sector for Backup and Recovery

Paragon Software Group's Hard Disk Manager, an application that aides in the backup, recovery and data management of business and enterprise-level organizations, has already enjoyed its share of the spotlight. They've seen continuous success since joining the IT industry in 1994 and, according to a recent press release; they'll be able to boast about their successes for some time to come.

Vancrest Health Care Centers, an organization that operates a total of nine healthcare facilities located within the state of Ohio, recently made the announcement that they will start using PSG's Hard Disk Manager to facilitate backup and recovery services throughout their entire organization.

Offering a plethora of data management functionality, including data backup, disaster recovery, long-term storage and system imaging, PSG's Hard Disk Manager is a great choice to fulfill the evolving needs of this particular healthcare organization. Specifically, Vancrest Health Care Centers will benefit from a decrease in downtime, increased helpdesk support, almost instantaneous system recovery, live server migration, disk partitioning and virtualization provided through the Paragon Software Group's Hard Disk Manager.

Eric Burk, director of technology services with Vancrest Health Care Centers, expressed his own reasoning for choosing Paragon Software Group's backup and recovery services throughout their institutions. He was quoted as saying: We studied a lot of different product reviews to develop a short list of prospective vendors. Paragon’s suite fit all of our needs and was competitively priced. Our spot testing was very successful; I would recommend Paragon’s solution to other colleagues who are looking for a great product that comes with fantastic tech support.”

In fact, PSG's Hard Disk Manager, complete with a Technician License, is the ideal solution for accommodating the growing needs of Vancrest Health Care Centers. Other customers may want to combine additional services or licenses, such as volume-based licenses, in order to find a solution with PSG that meets the requirements of their specific organization.

Daniel Eickhoff, director of channel sales for the Paragon Software Group, spoke highly of the services they provide as well as the partnerships they've formed in the industry. He was quoted as saying: “We pride ourselves in offering products that are feature-rich to meet our customers’ diverse sets of requirements, but still easy to use when disaster strikes and IT operations must be restored in short order. Unlike other BDR vendors, Paragon Tech Support is U.S.-based and consists of true engineers — not a help desk with a script."

Vancrest Health Care Centers is not the first to use PSG's Hard Disk Manager to complement their organization's IT operations. In fact, Hard Disk Manager can be used to bolster daily functionality within a variety of fields apart from healthcare, including banking, finance, equipment manufacturing and food service. Their list of current partnerships is really quite impressive, and it includes the likes of Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco Systems, Western Digital, Siemens, Acer, Logitech, Seagate, Nokia, Motorola, LG Electronics and many more.

To find out more information about the Paragon Software Group, including the products and services they provide, please visit their website at


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