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How Persistent Systems Achieved the 2013 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

Persistent Systems, an international software and IT firm with a track record of success in North America, Europe and Asia, has recently gained recognition through the 2013 "Cloud Computing Excellence" Award. The prize, which was awarded to the company by TMC and Cloud Computing Magazine, is added to a lengthy list of industry awards, recognition and achievements.

Who is Persistent Systems?

While they may not be the most recognizable name in the industry, Persistent Systems has served as a global IT leader for over two decades. Originally founded in 1990, Persistent Systems currently boasts headquarters in Pune, India, and San Jose, California. With an international workforce of 7,000+ staff members located around the world, as well as 300 highly prolific clients from multiple countries, it's safe to say that the executive leaders of Persistent Systems know what they're doing.

Persistent Systems specializes in cloud technology, big data storage and protection, industry analytics and telecommunications. The company has experienced in a multitude of professional industries, including healthcare, life sciences, financial services and banking.

How Did They Do It?

Persistent Systems achieved the prestigious award of "Cloud Computing Excellence" by introducing new solutions and innovations in the way of cloud computing, mobile data accessibility, informative industry analytics and customer collaboration. They've also relied on a host of strong partnerships, including the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Oracle and Salesforce, as a means of expanding their presence and strengthening their professional portfolio. In fact, one of their most popular products, RemedyForce, is currently being used to streamline IT service desk management on behalf of BMC Software and

"Persistent Systems has been recognized for its achievement in bringing innovation and excellence in the market while leveraging the latest technology trends to create an enriched user experience," commented Erik Linask, group editorial director at TMC's media outlet.

Specific Service Options

For starters, Persistent Systems offers a plethora of business intelligence and analytic strategies. Their service portfolio includes data processing options such as aggregation, cleansing, mining and database tuning, whiles their market analytics offerings consist of predictive analysis, text processing, telecommunications analytics and thorough reporting.
A number of data management services are also provided through Persistent Systems. Data migrations and transfers, database renovation and process definitions can all be handled by the IT experts at Persistent Systems.

Finally, Persistent Systems also facilitates Hadoop infrastructure management, MapReduce programming and Hadoop-oriented application development. Meant to support big data analysis techniques, these services offer scalability, customizability and improved data processing performance.

Other Awards in 2013

Persistent Systems is no stranger to obtaining industry recognition. They have won a bevy of awards since 2002, with a multitude coming in 2013 alone. Apart from their recognition for cloud computing excellence, some of the company's recent awards include "Innovation in Learning" and "Best Assessment Tool" by the World HRD Congress, "Best Virtual Learning Program Award" by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and more. Additionally, Persistent Systems made the Forbes India list of "Top 200 Best Under a Billion Companies," which is quite an achievement in its own right.


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