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Amazon Offers Unlimited Photo Storage for Prime Members

Those Amazon customers using Amazon Prime now have another new feature that has been added to the service at no additional cost: the ability to upload an unlimited amount of photos.

Amazon Prime is the ecommerce giant’s premium service that gives users access to next-day/two-day delivery (depending on region), the ability to stream select films and TV shows, and borrow Kindle books. It increased in price earlier this year, but the service’s customer count didn’t take a hit. It seems that Amazon are doing all they can to keep users on board – the theory is that those who use Prime are more likely to shop at Amazon.

The new service that was recently announced is called Prime Photos and is a part of Amazon’s cloud service called Cloud Drive. Prime members will be able to upload their photos, with no limitations on dimensions or file size, at no additional cost. And they’ll be able to upload as many photos as they like, too; there’s no limit.

These photos can be uploaded from a number of devices, like iOS, Android and Fire tablets, plus desktop Mac and Windows PCs. The photos can even be viewed on things like the Amazon Fire TV, games consoles like the PS3 and PS4, plus some smart TVs.

Members of Amazon Prime simply need to head to the new Prime Photos page in order to get started. From here the Cloud Drive Photos app can be downloaded for iOS or Android, or the program for Windows can be downloaded. The Mac version is in the work, but those using Apple desktops can still sign in to the web browser application.

The app is not a new invention. This has been around previously, but it had limitations on how much data users were able to upload. The app offers the ability for photos to be automatically uploaded when they’re taken and shared through social channels like Facebook and email. Users can also view all their photos in a handy timeline format.

Those using a Fire phone or tablet (which aren’t as many as Amazon would have hoped) will have this functionality built-in to their devices. Simply navigate to the Photos section on Fire devices and everything can be done without additional downloads.

Amazon customers who don’t use Prime won’t be able to access this service, not even for a separate fee. They can, however, still sign up for the 5GB of free storage offered through Amazon Cloud Drive. Prime members can also take advantage of this free storage if they wish; in order to store files other than photos (like documents, videos, etc.).

Microsoft also offers free unlimited storage to those who use Office 365. Google Drive allows unlimited photo uploads providing they’re standard size. These companies offer such benefits in order to get customers tied into their ecosystem. Amazon wants people to sign up for Prime, while Microsoft wants people to use all their software. Although Prime membership is more expensive than some of these cloud services, it really depends on what the customer values the most.


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