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StorageCraft Wants MSPs to Take a Proactive Approach to Disaster Recovery

The developers behind StorageCraft are no strangers to the world of data backup and recovery. Established in the early 2000s, the brand has been a major player in the industry for over 15 years – and they've always focused on next-gen data protection for computers and IT systems of all kinds.

But the team behind StorageCraft has a renewed focus for 2019: convincing their managed service providers (MSPs) to make disaster recovery their top priority before it's too late. Although many businesses, companies and even individuals wait until an incident occurs, those who take a proactive, preemptive approach can mitigate their risks and, ideally, cut their losses.

To make it even easier, the experts at StorageCraft implemented several changes in 2018. These changes include:

Cloud-based data pooling: Most MSPs can lower their costs by pooling data. Not only does this help them achieve the optimal load balance, but it helps MSPs avoid unexpected overages.

One-click recovery: MSPs can now use the integrated Cloud Services portal to pre-configure recovery efforts on behalf of their customers. The result is a system that can be immediately recovered with nothing more than the click of a button.

30-day virtualization trial period: StorageCraft offers a 30-day free trial of their virtualization service, which lets MSPs restore an on-premises IT system directly to StorageCraft's cloud servers. This gives potential customers and partners of StorageCraft the opportunity to test out their services before making a long-term commitment.

The new features are a welcome addition to StorageCraft's suite of disaster recovery tools. MSPs can also expect continued support for converged storage, scale-out storage, and protection against ransomware. As small companies lose an average of $100,000 to every single ransomware attack, it's a growing concern throughout the industry.

As you can see, the experts at StorageCraft are doing everything they can to make their service even easier and more comprehensive than ever before. Unfortunately, they can only do so much. It still requires a dedicated, diligent and proactive IT team to ensure that your company's data protection and recovery plans are up to par.

It's easy to lose track of priorities – especially if you're an established company. However, according to recent studies, 60% of companies that experience significant data loss end up shutting down within six months. Every company is susceptible to data loss, either through a malicious act or an unintended accident – but many of the issues can be avoided with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Other studies reveal that overall data loss has risen by 400% since 2012. As the average company now processes and manages more data than ever before, disaster recovery is a growing concern. That's exactly why companies like StorageCraft are making a renewed push for data recovery services in 2019 and moving forward.

With so much on the line, including mission-critical company data and the highly sensitive personal data of consumers, it just isn't worth the risk. To find out more information on StorageCraft, including details on any of the products, services or solutions they offer, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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