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How Pure Storage Preserves Data for Collingwood Football Club

One of the most popular teams in the entire sport, Collingwood Football Club has been a part of the Australian Football League (AFL) since 1892. Known as a traditional team in every sense of the word, they recently made headlines by embracing big data analytics throughout their organization. They’re working with the experts at Pure Storage, who specialize in flash-based solutions, to put their data online and utilize it to better their performance.

Not Wasting Any Time

The team isn’t wasting any time. With various fitness sensors and accessories already on their players, the Collingwood Magpies are on the cutting-edge of technology within the sport. They’re hoping to push the boundaries even further and solidify their reputation as one of the most innovative organizations in the entire league.

Mike Sakalas, regional vice president with Pure Storage in Australia and New Zealand, recently spoke with ZDNet about their goals. He stated: ''“What they're looking to achieve is to take all of those data points from individual players, whether that's their own or people they're looking to recruit in, and be able to crunch numbers and be able to make decisions, whether it be during the recruiting process, the game, after a game, or questioning moves that they have made.”

Diving In

Collingwood Football Club isn’t shy about their recent push for technological integration. They specifically chose Pure Storage for their all-flash M-array device.

Sakalas continued his interview by saying:
“Yes, Collingwood has chosen to go down the Pure Storage path with an all-flash M-array, but what I would tell you is every sporting team at one point or another are analyzing whether they spend their money on technology and how much value do they put into their data.”

And all of this data is being put to good use. It’s used post-match to produce player performance reports and formulate initial plans for the upcoming game. Not only does this make them more competitive across the board, but it sets the team up as a league role model for future IT usage and integration. It also highlights the versatility of big data in the 21st century.

In a separate interview, Mike Sakalas explained how Pure Storage has helped organizations in several different niches by saying:
“Working with numerous sports brands, including Collingwood FC and Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One, the team at Pure Storage is particularly passionate about providing clubs and sporting teams with a competitive advantage.”''

Preserving and Protecting Data in the 21st Century

As this move marks the Collingwood Magpies’ first move into next-gen storage, they’re suddenly faced with a myriad of benefits as well as some brand new threats. Partnering with a company like Pure Storage was a great move on their part, as the company has a rock-solid reputation within the industry.

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