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Pure Storage to Take Control Over the IT Needs of the San Francisco Giants

With the baseball season in full swing, it's hard to ignore the crack of the bat and the roar of a hometown crowd. In fact, the allure of the game was too much to ignore for the team with Pure Storage, who recently signed on to overhaul the IT infrastructure of the San Francisco Giants. The Giants, who have won the World Series three times since 2010, are looking forward greater usability, efficiency and performance.

The very first step the Giants' wanted to take on was the process of upgrading their legacy disk storage system to a framework that was more accessible. To accommodate this, Pure Storage provided them with the Pure Storage FlashArray//m20, which offers high levels of scalability and performance. The flash-oriented framework will also reduce general workload times and increase overall system consistency.

Moreover, the grater storage density of Pure Storage's system has already reduced the full rack of disks that were previously in use to just three simple rack units. This move is expected to bolster access to advanced data analytics, which have seen an increasing use in the game of baseball in the past few years. While we can't say for sure what the future of data analytics and baseball will amount to, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Bill Schlough, chief information officer with the San Francisco Giants, was enthusiastic when he spoke about the recent collaboration. He was quoted as saying: "Pure Storage will enable us to move away from the complexity associated with traditional storage platforms by reducing dependency on disk-based storage technologies. Pure's functional simplicity and ease-of-use will allow our IT staff to focus on driving improved business value for the organization, and will eliminate storage from the list of concerns for our extremely busy team."

The team with Pure Storage shared his enthusiasm. Pure Storage's chief marketing officer, Jonathan Martin, was quoted as saying: "Champions choose products that allow them to maintain an expected baseline of excellence. To work alongside a franchise that has been synonymous with the highest levels of achievement since the turn of the decade is a tremendous validation of our technology. IT decision makers and fans alike will appreciate that the Giants have chosen a best-in-class all-flash array to help move the organization into the future – a future we are confident will translate to continued success both on and off the field."

Revamping the IT framework of the San Francisco Giants is no easy task. Although the experts with Pure Storage have already achieved a significant improvement over the baseball team's previous setup, there is still a long way to go before the job is done. Thankfully, the partnership between the San Francisco Giants and Pure Storage is expected to last well into the future.

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