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Introduction to Pure Storage

Founded in Mountain View, California in 2009 by chief technical officer John Colgrove and chief architect John Hayes, Pure Storage is a company that specializes in enterprise-level data storage via flash-based mediums. After securing approximately $5 million in initial Series A funding, most of which was contributed by Sutter Hill Ventures, Pure Storage was able to hit the ground running. Additional investments, which include a contribution from Samsung Electronics, helped Pure Storage to gain the position of an industry frontrunner in the niche of flash storage.

John Hayes, co-founder and chief architect with Pure Storage, spoke about some of the benefits of flash-based storage. He was quoted as saying: “One of the reasons people love flash is because it’s so much faster, which means that you can quickly run queries. There are all these benefits that you get out of it, just simply being a lot faster. What we want to do is speed up all this batch technology.”

He continued his interview with Fortune by saying: “Storage has been the sick man of the data center for a long time. When you look at where disk is, it is more than a thousand times slower than everything else in the data center. It’s completely re-balancing how you think about access to data. Just getting that data is the bottleneck in any sort of analysis.”

Toward the end of the interview, Hayes indicated that Pure Storage has been using Apple as a primary motivator and role model of sorts. He said: “I would like to model us after Apple. I think it’s important that we’re committed to internal innovation. It does not have a vast, sprawling product line, and is extremely focused on customer value.”

Given Hayes’ unique perspective on the IT industry as a whole, it’s easy to see the amount of innovation within the ranks of Pure Storage. Moreover, given their strategic movements and partnerships within the industry, it’s safe to say that the team is setting themselves up for success in the long run.

Moreover, given the sheer versatility of Pure Storage’s operations, they’re bound to put some pressure on their top competitors. With specializations in FlashStack, OpenStack and virtualized infrastructure, as well as Oracle Database, SQL Server and VDI applications, Pure Storage is able to accommodate a variety of storage needs. The majority of Pure Storage’s operations are currently within the sectors of education, government and healthcare, though their solutions are fit for use in a plethora of enterprises, industries and professional environments.

In fact, Pure Storage has already received a number of popular awards. They were named as the best place to work according to The San Francisco Business Times in 2015, and they were listed as a silver winner in the Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Awards of 2012.

To find out more information about Pure Storage, including information any of their products, solutions, customers or partnerships, please visit their website at In addition to such information, current customers can also receive technical support or access various online resources from their website.


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