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Pure Storage Bolsters Product Line Amid High Profitability

Based out of Mountain View, California, and originally founded in 2009, Pure Storage is still new to the industry of data storage. Despite this fact, as well as their rather modest start, the company has seen significant revenue growth over the past few years. In fact, Pure Storage grew their annual revenue from $6 million in 2013 to $43 million in 2014 and, even more surprisingly, to $174 million in 2015. Such enormous growth has prompted the team with Pure Storage to introduce some brand new products to the market.


Released in March 2016, Pure Storage's FlashStorage offers a data platform that is based entirely on flash memory. With high elasticity, lightning speeds and the capability of accommodating several petabytes worth of data, FlashBlade is available to customers at a cost of less than $1 per usable gigabyte. As you can see, the Pure Storage FlashBlade can work wonders on behalf of enterprises who are trying to minimize their operational costs.

John Hayes, co-founded and chief architect of Pure Storage, touted some of the functionality of FlashBlade by saying: "The value that can be gained from efficiently storing and analyzing unstructured data has a transformative affect on business. FlashBlade unlocks new capabilities and use cases that are simply not possible with today’s existing solutions by delivering real-time analytics at massive scale and blazing speeds to enable the future of innovation."


Pure Storage's FlashBladew asn't the only new product unveiled in March 2016. The company also unveiled the latest addition to their flagship all-flash storage array device with the FlashArray//m10. Meant to support the IT operations of small and medium-sized businesses, the Pure Storage FlashArray//m10 offers affordability, simplicity, availability and as much as 25 TB of total storage capacity.

Matt Kixmoeller, vice president of products with Pure Storage, spoke about the FlashArray//m10 in a recent press release. He was quoted as saying: "This addition to the FlashArray family allows us to provide an entry-level, cost-effective option for companies that want to try purpose-built all-flash for the first time, and accelerate their journey to an all-flash datacenter. Cost as a barrier to all-flash adoption is a relic of the past. Companies of all sizes can now experience the simplicity, high-performance and reliability that comes with all-flash from Pure."

FlashStack Mini

One final product, the FlashStack Mini, was also released by Pure Storage in March 2016. A converged infrastructure platform that is meant to combine the company's FlashArray//m10 with VMware or Microsoft virtualization as well as Cisco-based networking functionality and UCS servers.

The Future of Pure Storage

Despite a bevy of new solutions, the team at Pure Storage isn't done yet. They've hinted toward the fact that some of their future products and services will be aimed at tackling legacy IT and outdated hardware.

James Petter, vice president of EMEA with Pure Storage, talked about the problems of legacy IT in a recent interview by saying: "Dealing with legacy IT has become increasingly complex, expensive and painful, silently but insidiously killing productivity and sucking massive amounts of time and money better spent on accelerating innovation."


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