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A Look at Pure Storage's Pure1 Cloud-Based Storage Platform

Having entered the industry in 2009, the company known as Pure Storage is still trying to secure their position amongst the major players in the game. However, given some of the milestones and advancements they've already made, it might not be too long before they become a household name.

Pure Storage's own cloud-based storage management platform, Pure1, has only been around since mid-2015. While it might take a few years for the service to catch on amongst mainstream consumers, Pure1 is looking more and more attractive every single day.

In fact, the team with Pure Storage is actively working to make their Pure1 platform one of the most popular cloud-based storage services available today. With the recent addition of petabyte-scale flash storage, as well as the recent availability of their FlashArray//m all-flash storage array, the company is certainly vying to reach as many customers as possible.

Matt Kixmoeller, vice president of product with Pure Storage, provided a general overview of Pure1 by stating: "Storage underlies everything we do in today's digital economy, an economy that is increasingly powered by cloud IT. Pure Storage has built the smart storage platform to deliver cloud IT - whether it be public cloud, SaaS, private cloud, or a mix of all three. Efficient all-flash storage, now at petabyte-scale, is the agile foundation of tomorrow's clouds."

For existing customers, Pure Storage has made it easy to integrate the new FlashArray//m into current and future setups. With a total of four separate models available, including the //m10, //m20, //m50 and //m70, Pure Storage has been able to achieve as much as 1.5 petabytes of usable storage capacity. Moreover, their new devices offer 20 - 30% greater performance than previous iterations.

Although it's only been around for a year thus far, Pure Storage's FlashArray//m line has already shown a 99.9999% uptime across all installed devices. For those of you who are keeping track, that equates to a mere 31.5 seconds of downtime on an annual basis.

Such a high level of availability is made possible through the integration of Pure1 Global Insight, which utilizes the cloud to perform predictive analytics regarding performance, efficiency and usage. This highly advanced process has solved thousands of technical issues on behalf of countless users as well as preventing nearly 200 Severity 1 issues since its inception just one year ago.

Kixmoeller continued, via an official blog post, by saying: "Our plan to transform storage is working, as we continue to demonstrate best-in-class growth quarter after quarter. IDC recently released its Q2 2016 enterprise storage market share numbers, and once again Pure Storage delivered best-in-industry growth by a landslide, and actually delivered the highest total revenue dollar growth in the storage industry. Not the flash industry, in the storage industry overall."

Thanks to recent advancements as well as their obvious dedication to pursuing and integrating the latest in technology, Pure Storage's Pure1 cloud-based storage platform is a great solution for consumers and enterprises alike. If you're looking for an inexpensive, reliable and efficient alternative to the likes of Amazon, Microsoft or Google, Pure Storage's Pure1 platform might just fit the bill.


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