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Quantum Unveils New Archival and Backup Solutions, Reduces Costs

Quantum, an industry leader in scale-out storage as well as data protection and archival, has recently expanded their line of archival and backup hardware and software with introduction of three new solutions: the Quantum Artico NAS, Lattus online storage capabilities and the implementation of Rocket Arkivio Autostor software into their DXi appliances. The result is increased efficiency, streamlined deployment options, centralized services and, ultimately, reduced infrastructure costs on behalf of their customers.

Firstly, the Artico NAS, based on Quantum’s tiered storage architecture, combines the accessibility of disk-based storage with the availability of online storage in order to greatly reduce primary storage usage. A high level of connectivity ensures compatibility in the field, and intelligent data management functionality allocates stored data on specific data tiers for maximum efficiency.

Lattus, which provides the online storage for the Artico NAS, is scalable up to hundreds of petabytes. Equipped with advanced data management technology such as native data protection, Lattus plays a critical role in bolstering operational workflows and lowering costs.

Finally, the Arkivio Autostor software facilitates the movement and storage of data across all of the data tiers in the Artico NAS. It does this by analyzing and collecting information from key data attributes, which it then uses to develop a series of adaptable and intelligent policies to dictate where data is stored.
Robert Clark, senior vice president of product operations with Quantum, explained how their new solutions play a key role in cutting customer costs.

“We're seeing more data centers reaching a tipping point where their old approaches to backup and archive have simply been overwhelmed by unstructured data growth. When data is intelligently tiered to archive storage, the need for primary and backup storage can be reduced, dramatically improving operational efficiency while cutting a customer's overall storage costs.”

In a move meant to solidify their position in the industry even further, Quantum recently announced a brand new partnership with Dot Hill Systems Corp. The announcement details their plans to integrate Dot Hill’s enterprise-level storage devices into Quantum’s existing tiered storage framework. The integration is meant to increase Quantum’s data management capabilities while simultaneously improving Dot Hill’s own market position on a global scale.

Jon Gacek, president and CEO of Quantum, spoke highly about the team with Dot Hill. He was quoted as saying: “Dot Hill has a strong set of products that address key challenges in dealing with highly demanding data workloads and make a great addition to Quantum's tiered storage portfolio. Today's announcement reflects our continued focus on delivering specialized solutions that enable customers to maximize the value of their data by managing and protecting it throughout its lifecycle.”

Quantum currently boasts more than 100,000 customers ranging from small to medium-sized companies and even large, reputable enterprises. As specialists in data storage, archival and protection, the team with Quantum is committed to delivering focused IT solutions that meet the evolving needs of a highly competitive industry. To find out more information about Quantum and any of their available products or services, visit their website at


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