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Introduction to the Quantum Internet

You've likely already heard of quantum computing. A highly advanced concept, quantum computing could pave the way for unprecedented storage capacities, even faster processing speeds, and more. But what if we applied this concept to the Internet? According to some experts, this might be the solution to eliminating the threat of hackers and malware while supporting the development of next-gen hardware and networks in the future.

Approaching the Quantum Internet Sooner Than Expected

Believe it or not, the quantum Internet is closer to becoming a reality than most people realize. Thanks to advancements in quantum computing, as well as some recent experiments, some experts believe that we'll have our introduction to the quantum Internet within the next five years.

This introduction will likely come in a very limited capacity. According to some experts, IT engineers are currently trying to connect three separate quantum computers, all of which are 50 to 100 kilometers apart – to build the very first quantum network. Once that problem is solved, however, many believe the floodgates will open for even more progress within the following months and years.

Ciaran Lee, a researcher with University College, London, explained the purpose of the quantum Internet in a recent interview: "The main contribution of a quantum internet is to allow encrypted communication in a perfectly secure fashion that can’t be broken in principle, even if in the future we develop a more fundamental theory of physics."

As you can see, research and development teams are incredibly optimistic about the quantum Internet's ability to ward off modern day threats such as hackers, viruses, and malicious software. If their best estimates hold true, we'll soon enjoy far greater levels of online privacy and data security than ever before.

Getting a Head Start on the Competition

Quantum computing has so much potential that some of the industry's biggest and most prominent brands are already exploring their own applications. IBM has recently introduced the "world's first fully integrated universal quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use," the IBM Q System One, which was unveiled at CES 2019.

Bob Sutor, vice president of quantum research with IBM, spoke enthusiastically about the breakthrough by saying: "This is something IBM brings to the market that no one else really does. We know how to do integrated systems. The electronics for a quantum computer are not something you go buy off the shelf. You need a temperature controlled environment, you need to minimize the vibrations — anything that might disrupt the quantum calculations."

While the unveiling of the IBM Q System One is a huge milestone, it's not a fully fledged computer system. Instead, it's being viewed as more of a concept or prototype for the first generation of quantum computers.

To find out more information on IBM, please visit their official website at Not only will you find details on the latest news and breakthroughs coming out of the IBM team, but you'll also be able to stay up-to-date with any new research or development regarding the IBM Q System One.


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