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Storage Startup Qumulo Raises $40 Million

While you might not be familiar with the name Qumulo as of yet, the innovative team of IT professionals is hoping to change that following the closure of their latest round of investments. They’ve maintained a rather inconspicuous and unknown presence as of yet, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been slacking. In fact, after only three years of existence, Qumolo has already received approximately $67 million in investments.

The latest round of funding, a Series B round, netted the startup enterprise no less than $40 million in investments. Originating primarily from the investment firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the recent funding is already attracting a lot of attention around the industry.

According to Peter Godman, Qumolo’s CEO, the company aims “to be the company the world trusts to store, manage, and curate its data forever.” He went on to say: “The future of storage is really in software. The trick is to make software work really, really well against the kind of hardware you’ll see in all these different operating environments. That’s what we ended up building.” Godman also said: “People say the old way of building software is like artillery — you choose all the angles, fire a shell, and wait 15 seconds to see if it worked or not,” Godman explained. “Our idea is to build heat-seeking missiles where you can course-correct every two weeks along the way. You can do a much better job of hitting your target.”

Qumolo’s primary mission is to facilitate long-term data storage on behalf of enterprises of all sizes. Not only that, but Qumolo has made it a point to educate their customers on actual resource usage, allocation and origination. Finally, Qumolo wants to explain and identify top resource hogs and increasingly large amounts of data in an effort to minimize the storage of unnecessary data. Doing so will reduce the need for purchasing and maintaining additional storage space in the future.

Godman likened his company’s services to that of modern electric meters, as he said: “Think of it like an electricity meter. It’s one thing to know how much electricity a building is consuming, but it’s another thing to know how that breaks down between offices, data centers, and so forth.”

Primary Competitors

Qumolo has few competitors in their specific area of expertise. Godman cited DataGravity as a possible contender, but they mainly deal with small and medium-sized businesses. Qumolo, on the other hand, is poised to handle massive amounts of data.
EMC Isilon, an IT firm specializing in large-scale data storage, may offer Qumolo their biggest competition. Founded in 2001, EMC Isilon already has a large customer base and a well-known industry presence.

To find out more information about Qumolo, including detailed investment information, their plans regarding the future of big data storage or anything else, please visit their website at Additionally, those who would prefer to speak with a live company representative can call 206-260-3588. .


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