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How Top Medical Researchers are Using Qumulo

Qumulo has long been known as a frontrunner in scale-out data storage solutions. Meant specifically for data-intensive operations and organizations that need scalability without having to sacrifice system performance or reliability, they’re highly popular amongst medical research institutions and organizations of today. However, as their latest endeavors show, Qumulo is anything but a one-trick pony.

Making Their Presence Known

The team at Qumulo has been working with companies in life sciences and medical research for quite some time. Some of their most prolific clients include Carnegie Institution for Science, Johns Hopkins Genomics at The Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at University of Washington, Georgia Cancer Center at August University, DarwinHealth, Inc., and many more.

Much of Qumulo’s current reputation has been forged through their relationships in the medical sector. Heightened growth in the industry has called for companies that are able to manage big data in real-time, and Qumulo has certainly stepped up to the plate.
Diversifying their Portfolio

While their success in the medical sector cannot be denied, Qumulo has recently decided to branch out. They’ve teamed with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, or HPE, to offer their services via the HPE Complete program. Hewlett Packard customers as well as resellers can now purchase Qumulo’s solutions through a centralized hub.

Bill Richter, CEO of Qumulo, spoke about the need for increased data storage and system visibility amongst enterprises of today. He was quoted as saying: “Enterprises with data-intensive workloads are being challenged by the explosion of file-based data and the cost of storing and effectively accessing that data at petabyte scale. The partnership gives customers a modern solution for storing and managing file-based workloads, achieving high efficiency and extreme performance, while gaining real-time visibility into usage, activity and throughput at any level of the unified directory structure, no matter how many files are in the file system.”

The new partnership is already making some big moves across the industry. DreamWorks Animation recently tapped the Qumulo Core, which operates on HPE’s Apollo servers, to support its needs in digital content management.

Patrick Osborne, senior director of product management with HPE Storage, commented on this by saying: “Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo Servers is delivering reliable, high performance and cost-effective file storage at petabyte scale for some of the largest enterprise organizations. Given its traction and reputation, Qumulo was a natural addition to the HPE Complete program.”

If you’re interested in finding out more information about Qumulo, please visit their official website at For inquiries regarding the HPE Complete program, please visit their official website at

Throughout the Medical Sector and Beyond

While Qumulo remains a constant presence in the niche of life sciences and cutting-edge medical research, their choice to diversify and expand to enterprises of all kinds will give them far more exposure and the ability to expand their own technology to better accommodate the future of big data. Although they’re just beginning to branch out to other areas, we should expect to hear a lot more from Qumulo in the coming months and years.


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