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RapidScale Joins Veeam for Greater Backup and Protection

RapidScale has been an industry leader in cloud computing services ever since they hit the scene in 2010. Conversely, Veeam a company that specializes in intelligent data management solutions, has been around since 2006. Together, the two entities have over 20 years of combined experienced – and now they're working together to provide customers with a comprehensive, versatile and reliable backup service within the cloud.

What Does RapidScale Do?

Duane Barnes, senior vice president of technology with RapidScale, explained their decision to go with Veeam as a partner in data backup and management. He was quoted as saying: "As RapidScale continues to scale and move up the market, an advanced software-defined backup solution was critical to our success. After reviewing our requirements and customer demand, Veeam became the obvious choice because of its simplicity to deploy and protect mission-critical data.”

RapidScale already supports cloud computing through various means. They have a myriad of services that cater to every cloud niche, including:

- Desktop: Fully managed virtualized desktops that are scalable and BYOD (bring your own device) compatible.

- Server: Virtualized servers let enterprises eliminate physical servers and strengthen security.

- Recovery: RapidScale provides business continuity and disaster recovery in their fully managed cloud environment.

- Mail: Complete with integrated Active Directory configurations and anti-spam / anti-virus software.

- Office: Small and midsized businesses can benefit from RapidScale's Virtual Desktop Bundle, which includes the virtual desktop, a next-gen user experience, access to business-specific apps and more.

- Backup: Cloud-based data backup and storage is protected by 256-bit encryption as well as the highly secure SSL protocol.

- SD-WAN: This service is for enterprises that want added mobility without comprising performance or security.

What Role Does Veeam Play?

In short, Veeam is a comprehensive data management solution. In technical terms, they provide intelligent data management, business continuity, digital transformation agility and actionable analytics.

Intelligent Data Management: Ensures data security, growth and synchronization across all sources.

Business Continuity: Veeam facilitates the hyper-availability of data, ultimately ensuring access to mission-critical data while mitigating risks.

Actionable Analytics: While most solutions provide the user with some amount of analytics, these numbers are often useless or irrelevant. Veeam, however, provides actionable insights that are clearly understood by everyone involved.

Digital Transformation Agility: Veeam makes it easy to migrate data across multiple cloud structures or enact process transformations as needs and requirements evolve.

Matt Kalmenson, vice president of service and cloud provider sales with Veeam, spoke about the new partnership by saying: "We are pleased that RapidScale has joined our VCSP (Veeam Cloud & Service Provider) program. Our Availability solutions, combined with their service delivery and knowledge of Veeam products, should enable them to acquire even more clients, resulting in additional growth of their overall profitability and value. We are looking forward to working together in an effort to solve the key challenges of our joint customers."

Finding Out More

For more information on RapidScale, please visit their official website at {{|}}. To find out more about Veeam, please visit their website at {{|}}.


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