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Netgear Introduces Two New Products to ReadyNAS 200 Family

Netgear's line of ReadyNAS 200 Series NAS devices, which has already received recognition as an award-winning storage solution, has recently announced the addition of two new products to the family: the ReadyNAS 212 as well as the ReadyNAS 214. A fine complement to the offerings that are already seen in the ReadyNAS line, the new devices provide a consumer-friendly and affordable package.

While there are some key differences between the two new models, which are outlined the article below, both the ReadyNAS 212 and ReadyNAS 214 hold status as the only consumer-level NAS devices to offer streaming HD video in 1080p, wire-speed antivirus scanning functionality and near-zero throughput loss. Moreover, both models are capable of achieving doubled throughput via Link Aggregation and dual Ethernet interfaces. Both models are already available for purchase on the consumer market.

Both the ReadyNAS 212 and the ReadyNAS 214 are based on the quad-core, 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex processor. Working in tandem with 2 GB of onboard RAM, the combination of processor and memory speed effectively makes these two devices the fastest NAS products available on the consumer market today. Capable of achieving read speeds of up to 200 MBps and a maximum write throughput of 160 MBps, the devices represent a vast improvement over prior technology. Furthermore, their affordable price means that they are highly accessible by the consumer market.

The most notable difference between the two models presents itself when comparing the number of disk bays as well as the price. While the ReadyNAS 212 is available in a diskless, two-bay model at a price of $329 in the U.S., the ReadyNAS 214, which includes two additional bays, is available at a cost of $499.

Doug Cheung, senior product line manager for Networked Storage Products with Netgear, spoke about the enhanced storage functionality seen in their newest offerings. He was quoted as saying: "If you are serious about storing, streaming and sharing HD multimedia content, then ReadyNAS 212 and 214 offer you the most cost-effective storage option in the market today. We’ve engineered ReadyNAS to work seamlessly with your networked devices so it’s easy for you to access your content and share it when you want to, with whom you want to share it, both at home or anywhere with an Internet connection. Whether your priority is speed, data protection, or ease of use, there’s just not another NAS that offers this price/performance combination."

Finally, the Netgear ReadyCLOUD platform, including both the app and service, are included with the ReadyNAS 212 and ReadyNAS 214. As such, users of the new NAS devices will benefit from free and private cloud storage. Recognized as the only personal cloud architecture to utilize an embedded VPN tunnel without any user configuration necessary, the ReadyCLOUD platform is highly accessible, intuitive and incredibly user-friendly.

Netgear, Inc., headquartered out of San Jose, California, currently distributes their products to more than 39,000 retail locations and approximately 31,000 value-added resellers around the globe. For more information on Netgear, including news on any of their latest services, solutions or products, please visit their official website at


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