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Remove Redundant Data Before It Is Stored With Reduxio Systems

While Reduxio Systems may still be in its infancy, the recent startup has already benefited from a huge industry jumpstart. The recent announcement, which came in early October 2014, lists both Seagate Technology and Intel as the pioneers of a $15-million funding initiative to assist in Reduxio's ongoing research and development.

Reduxio Systems, based out of Israel, recently introduced their NoDup storage operating system, which spots duplicate data before it is even written to an archival backup. The process ultimately enhances DRAM usage, overall hard drive capacity and hardware longevity.

NoDup doesn't stop there, however. The application takes the process one step farther by automatically compressing archival data before backing it up, thereby saving even more hard drive space and hardware usage. Again, the results include increased hard drive space, longer hardware reliability and improved use of available system resources.

Designed specifically with cloud computing, system virtualization and enterprise-level data storage, Reduxio's product line, which includes the NoDup deduplication system, offers next-generation support, affordable costs and a storage system that features an infinite, multi-tiered design. Moreover, Reduxio's own BackDating technology can be utilized to recovery any data that has been previously stored.

Mark Weiner, chief executive officer with Reduxio Systems, spoke highly of the recent partnership with Seagate. He was quoted as saying: "We are very excited to close this funding round. We are thrilled to have Seagate as an investor. Seagate has the know-how and the passion that has allowed them to continue to be the leader in the storage industry. Seagate's investment validates our innovative architecture and our execution to date, and will help us to bring our products to customers earlier."

Rocky Pimentel, president of Seagate's Global Markets and Customers division, also spoke enthusiastically about their recent investment in Reduxio. He was quoted in a recent statement as saying: "Reduxio has built an architecture that can truly leverage the capabilities of hard disk drives, solid state storage, and future non-volatile technologies together in a single system."

The professional team at Reduxio Systems isn't exactly made up of a bunch of novices. In fact, the company was founded by IT experts who have worked with IBM, Dell, NetApp, EMC and more. With Seagate representatives now taking a place on Reduxio's board of directors, a move which was agreed upon as part of their investment, Reduxio has even more reputability and IT prowess to call upon.

Other recent investors include Jerusalem Venture Partners and Carmel Ventures. Kobi Rozengarten, chairman with Reduxio and a general partner with Jerusalem Venture Partners, explained how Reduxio Systems has already helped his team achieve their goals. He was quoted in a recent press release as saying: "Reduxio was created with the vision that the rapidly evolving enterprise storage space needs a new disruptive architecture. In just two years, Reduxio’s team has proven its ability to provide the most advanced solutions to this rapidly growing space."

To find out more information about Reduxio Systems, including their company history, mission statement, product offerings and technology, visit their website at


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