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New Updates to Retrospect Backup & Recovery Add Cloud Integration

With the plethora of backup and recovery suites on the market today, it's difficult to find one that stands out from the pack. Retrospect, based out of California, does this by offering seamless cloud integration backed by more than three decades of IT expertise – and they've recently added support for 14 new cloud storage providers.

Opening the Door to Cloud Access

The latest move is a direct attempt to draw more attention to their services, which revolve around cloud-based data backup and recovery – and it seems to be working. They now boast an extensive list of partners, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Dropbox, DigitalOCean Spaces, BackBlaze B2, Aufiero Informatica, ArubaCloud Object Storage, Swisscom, Cloudian Hyperstore and many more.

Retrospect's VP of worldwide sales, Jean-Christian Dumas, spoke about the increased cloud flexibility and greater data security by saying: "Retrospect is now certified for seamless integration with fourteen different cloud storage providers. This wide selection of cloud storage options enables our customers to select the best fit for them with the option of migrating to a different one in the future, and off-site data protection is a critical part of securing their business's data against accidents, hardware failure, disaster, ransomware, and theft."

But cloud support isn't their only focus. Retrospect also released updated software for Windows and Mac, both of which add even more functionality to an already robust package. Much of the upgrades focus on reporting and customization, but there are some nice surprises in there as well.

Adding Software Functionality, Too

It's obvious that Retrospect is dedicated to customer service and support. Apart from strengthening their line of cloud services, the newest iterations of Retrospect – version 12.6 for Windows OS and 14.6 for Mac OS – adds several new features, including:
- Daily backup reporting via email. Retrospect generates daily backup reports – complete with in-depth analytics, executive summaries and more.

- Personalized customer emails. Retrospect's customers benefit from customizable email templates. These can be modified with the customer's header and footer information, thereby enhancing the customer experience even further.

- Improved error reporting. Error reporting is improved, too. In the case of any issues in the backup or restoration process, Retrospect immediately records it in the operations log. Conversely, the emphasis on some non-critical issues has been diminished to avoid false alarms and undue system stress.

- Various network upgrades. The software's framework has undergone numerous improvements to address network hiccups, timeouts and similar bottlenecks. As a result, the latest versions of Retrospect run faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Retrospect's improvements address many of the most commonly reported issues. They also provide support for many new cloud service providers, so customers will have more freedom when choosing where they store their data.

About Retrospect

Although the current structure of Retrospect was formed in 2011, their roots are traceable back to 1984 when they were known as Dantz Development. To find out more information on Retrospect, including details on any of their products, services, or partners, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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