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Revert: Searchable Backups of Cloud Apps

We all use so many different online services nowadays and a lot of these companies store their data within the cloud. At a basic level, that means the data is in their hands and not physically stored on your computer. As such, if something were to happen to your data or the company, you’d probably have very little chance of getting that back.

Now a new service called Revert has come about that aims to provide backups of all your online applications. At the moment it only supports a select few applications, but Revert plans to expand this over time so that it becomes the one-stop-shop for cloud service backup.

Some of the supported services include Evernote, MailChimp, Tumblr and ConstantContact. The data from these services, like contact lists from MailChimp or all your notes from Evernote, are backed up to Revert. This means that you have a secondary copy of your data, saving you from relying solely on one service to keep everything live.

One of the key features of Revert is that it allows you to search across all your applications simultaneously. There’s no need to load up each service individually to try and find all your data that includes your name, for example – simply search for it within Revert and it’ll bring up a list across every app.

At the moment Revert comes with two price plans. The first of these is free, suitable for one user and allows for unlimited data restore, 30 days version history, 60GB of backup storage and email support. This price band supports Evernote, MailChimp, Tumblr and ConstantContact.

If you want to pay then it’ll cost you $9.99 a month or $99 annually. Again, this is for one user and has unlimited restores, but this package comes with 1 year version history, 500GB of backup storage, and phone and email support. On top of the four aforementioned services, this tier also supports Dropbox, Highrise and Pipeline Deals.

There is a third pricing tier coming in 2015 that is suitable for business teams and multiple users, offering all the above features along with unlimited version history and 1TB of backup storage per user.

Of course, security is a high priority nowadays, especially when it comes to cloud services. Revert has partnered with Matasano, a security firm that carries out independent tests to ensure that the service is secure. All files are encrypted during transit and at rest using AES-256. Some metadata like file name is stored without encryption to enable Revert the ability to search the data.

The Next Web spoke to Nick Malcom, technical lead at Revert, to find out where he sees the company heading in the future.

“We also want to make your data easier to access. Search is already awesome, but being able to search, view and restore data from outside of the Revert app would make for an even better experience. A Chrome extension to augment search might be awesome, for instance. We’re still thinking about this one,” said Nick.

For more information on Revert, and to sign up to their service, be sure to visit their {{|official website}}.


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