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How Rosetta Stone Uses Virtualization to Combat Backup Inefficiencies

Rosetta Stone, which was founded in 1991, is an education software company that is well-known for their various programs in language literacy. Considering that they are the most highly reputable and recognized names in the niche, as well as the fact that the majority of their business model revolves around the Internet, it's safe to say that they know a thing or two about data storage.

However, as the company's business continued to expand throughout the 90s and well into the present day, the IT team with Rosetta Stone soon found that their backup protocol was not efficient enough to accommodate the ever-growing amount of data generated through the company's online operations. In order to solve this issue, Rosetta Stone eventually turned to virtualization.

Embracing the Future

Mark Moseley Jr., current VP of IT with Rosetta Stone, spoke about some of the challenges his company has been able to overcome and how they've been able to remain current in an ever-evolving industry. He was quoted as saying: "We had to move from selling a piece of software on a CD to an online distribution and subscription model. That also meant revamping the way we deliver services and customer support."

While their mail order service of the past consumed enough storage space and CPU cycles within internal servers and remote data centers, their increasing reliance on the Internet has resulted in an avalanche of newly generated data - all of which needed to be archived and backed up. As the data continued to grow, the team soon became overwhelmed.

After a series of tests, Rosetta Stone finally settled on data virtualization software from Actifio to handle the job. By taking advantage of the database snapshot feature of Actifio, which is able to capture an image of a complete database within a matter of minutes, the IT team with Rosetta Stone was suddenly able to streamline the entire backup process.

Furthermore, the IT team with Rosetta Stone was able to create a "golden master" copy of their real-time production data, thereby letting their developers and programming call on large data sets in a quick and efficient manner. Rosetta Stone has reported huge cost-savings relating to data storage and backup since implementing Actifio's software.

Moseley Jr. also spoke about Rosetta Stone's utilization of Salesforce, which has helped tremendously when it comes to improving customer service and upholding communications across all channels. He continued by saying: " The system has delivered a complete view of the customer. We can better match products with needs and understand, before renewal time comes up, if a customer is underutilizing the product and more likely to cut it off. We can take proactive steps to help them and increase the odds of the renewal."

Committed To Continual Improvement

Rosetta Stone's ability to adapt to new technology, overcome challenges and affect real improvement in their services is a trait that is hard to find in companies today. To find out more information about Rosetta Stone, including specific details on any of their online courses or services, please refer to the official website at


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