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How Rubrik and Azure Benefit the Healthcare Industry

Microsoft Azure is quickly establishing itself as a leader in cloud computing. According to a recent shareholder report published by Microsoft, Azure achieved a 58 percent increase in commercial-cloud revenue in the first quarter of 2018 – and they're not showing any signs of slowing.

When combined with a team like the experts at Rubrik, one of the fastest-growing names in data management today, the partnership has the potential to transform operations across many different industries – including healthcare.

'''Using Next-Gen Hardware in Today's Hospitals'''

A shining example of next-gen hardware integration within the healthcare industry comes via Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic. They've recently embraced Microsoft's HoloLens as a means of teaching and learning human anatomy. While Microsoft Azure ultimately facilitates access to the 3D images and models used, companies like Rubrik step then step in to manage and protect this critical data.

The partnership between Microsoft and Rubrik is manifesting in other ways, too. A New Jersey-based healthcare facility, CarePoint Health, recently leveraged the duo to centralize their data management operations and convert their archival system from a tape-based format.

Lev Goronshteyn, chief technology officer with CarePoint Health, described the situation in a recent interview by saying: "Our old system was inherently difficult to use, our backups were taking 12 hours or longer to complete, and our restores could take hours. We were spending a lot of time on backups, and we wanted to free our employees up to work on other initiatives. We also were sitting on a vast amount of tape, which was challenging to manage and needed to be eliminated."

They ultimately decided on Microsoft and Rubrik as a means of collating four of five different backup solutions into a centralized package that guards 40TB of cloud data. They've already experience some notable results, including:

- A 50 percent reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)

- Vast improvements to recovery point objectives (RPOs) and near-zero recovery time objectives (RTOs)

- Simplified and centralized management of data

Microsoft's latest shareholder report reads, in part: "A new technology paradigm is emerging, one with an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Microsoft will lead this new era. There are three characteristics that define this shift. The first is that the experience layer is becoming multidevice and multisense, where a person’s experience with technology will span a multitude of devices and become increasingly more natural and multisensory with voice, ink, gestures and gaze interactions. Second, artificial intelligence (AI) will be pervasive across devices, apps and infrastructure to drive insights and act on your behalf. Third, computing will be more distributed than ever before with compute power at the edge, whether it’s the connected car, the connected factory floor or any connected device."

Finding Out More

For more information on Microsoft Azure or any of their other products or services, please visit their official website at {{|}}. To find out more details on Rubrik, please visit their official website at {{|}}.


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