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Rubrik Takes On Big Data Management

One of the newest faces in an ever-growing and evolving cloud computing environment, Rubrik is a pioneering startup company that specializes in data management and web-oriented IT solutions. Based out of Palo Alto, California, and including a team of engineers and experts that have worked with the likes of Google, VMware, Facebook and more, Rubrik is poised to tackle the niche of big data management in the 21st century.

Their latest announcement, which came in Spring 2015, confirms the fact that the company secured $10 million in Series A funding. Sourced primarily from Lightspeed Venture Partners, the investment will be used to fund and launch Rubrik’s own Early Access Program for the Rubrik Converged Data Management architecture.

Bipul Sinha, co-founder and CEO of Rubrik, highlighted the primary mission of the company by saying: “For years IT has been forced to stitch together legacy pieces of infrastructure to manage data through the application lifecycle, from recovery to provisioning production replicas for DevOps. Today we are excited to announce the first act in our product journey. We have built a powerful time machine that delivers live data and seamless scale in a hybrid cloud environment. Businesses can now break the shackles of legacy and modernize their data infrastructure, unleashing significant cost savings and management efficiencies.”

Ravi Mhatre with Lightspeed Venture Partners, the firm responsible for Rubrik’s latest funding receipt, explained why they chose to invest in Rubrik by saying: “There is a huge opportunity to disrupt the secondary environment, which is the foundation of enterprise IT. We invested in Rubrik because of the exceptional caliber of its leadership team and a game-changing technology in a market that has remained stagnant for more than a decade.”

What is the Converged Data Management Platform?
Rubrik’s Converged Data Management Platform is meant to completely eliminate the need for any backup software of any kind. Thanks to a their innovative approach to data protection, which includes live data access for recovery as well as cloud-based scalability, Rubrik’s strategy is certainly unique.

The Converged Data Management Platform serves as a cloud-oriented time machine, which is able to browse and restore older files as needed. The result is an enormous savings on infrastructure, costs and overall IT management on behalf of small to mid-sized enterprises and companies.

The Rubrik Team

Rubrik’s team features a number of renowned and reputable industry professinoals. Bipul Sinha, the company’s co-founder and CEO, is also an investor and board member with Nutanix and PernixData. Arvind Jain, co-founder and vice president of engineering, is a Google Distinguished Engineer as well as a founder of Riverbed Technology. Soham Mazumdar, co-founder and architect, previously served as a co-founder of Tagtile. Finally, Arvind Nithrakshyap, co-founder and CTO, also maintains credit as a Oracle Exadata co-founder as well as an Oracle Cluster Principal Engineer.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about Rubrik, their Converged Data Management Platform, their Early Access Program or to view available openings with their team, please visit their website at


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