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The Salvation Army Partners with Zetta for Data Protection

You might not expect the Salvation Army to have very sophisticated IT needs. However, once you consider the fact that their organization consists of numerous office buildings, warehouses, thrift stores and even data centers, it’s easy to understand their embrace of technology. As such, it should come as no surprise that they recently chose Zetta for data backup, protection and reliability.

Making the Upgrade

It was only a matter of time before the Salvation Army would be forced to make the upgrade to a next-gen platform. They had been relying on a basic backup program from a legacy software provider, and their slow speeds and regular maintenance costs just weren’t cutting it; and that’s when Zetta stepped up to the plate.

Mike Grossman, chief executive officer with Zetta, spoke about the Salvation’s Army need for system performance by saying: ''“At Zetta, we've architected an enterprise-grade business continuity solution that's not only easy to use and fast to deploy but also exceptionally high performing and error free. That's why more than 2,000 enterprise customers and partners have selected Zetta's Business Continuity suite to protect their environments. It's the cost-efficient choice for distributed enterprises with large data sets and stringent performance requirements like The Salvation Army.”

The Salvation Army specifically chose Zetta’s cloud-first IT solution. Not only is this aimed at larger datasets, but it also accommodates the various regional divisions of the organization. With a worldwide membership of approximately 1.5 million, synchronizing operations between the various locations is not always an easy task.

Increased Competitiveness in Fundraising

Apart from helping them maintain better track of their assets and resources, the systems provided by Zetta will make the Salvation Army more competitive in the future. Given the increased popularity of online fundraising platforms as well as their original competition of community-based thrift stores, the Salvation Army has a lot to overcome.

Tim Schaal, chief information officer with the Salvation’s Army Western Region, spoke about the necessity of data protection and efficiency by stating:
“Zetta gives us the confidence we need in the reliability and performance of our data protection environment. With a simple click of a button we can restore needed files without heavy labor or resource involvement, compared to our previous solution which could take one week or more, draining staff time. The Zetta cloud-first solution is a truly affordable, yet robust, option for our large IT environment. It's eliminated hardware, maintenance and expensive annual support contracts. It's truly been a cost-saving choice.”''

Moving Forward

It’s obvious that both Zetta and the Salvation Army are satisfied with their new partnership. With a mutually beneficial relationship that has the potential to serve as a new benchmark in the industry, both entities are optimistic about moving forward.

For more information about the Salvation Army, including how you can get involved and play a role in a local division, please visit To find out more about Zetta and the services they provide, please visit their official website at


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